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Medicating a cat?

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Just wondering if anyone has had to medicate (lightly sedate) a cat in their care? Samantha is VERY skitish, i'd say almost semi-feral.

Shes definately not shy, I mean she prances around the house at all times of the day, so long as we are not moving about too much. But as soon as we get anywhere near her she is gone in a flash. No one can get anywhere near her, the only time she has even come close to me is when she has run out of food, and she will prance right next to me (but again wont let me touch her)

Her foster mom says she was probably abused by neighbors (she was inside/outside) so thats why shes so skittish to being touched. Her foster mom also says that if she doesnt improve, we can give her some type of medication, for four to five days to lightly sedate her and be able to manage her.

Would this be okay, or would it do more harm than good?
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try feliway or rescue remedy before you try prescription sedation. some cats have a paradoxical effect and get MORE crazy.
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Mocha is this way as well. He is very happy, loves to have scritches on his own terms. He will run if someone stands up too fast or loud noises will send him running for the bedroom.

I have feliway throughout the house and for me it really works.

I don't know that I would ever medicate him though. He is happy and I think even medicated he would have these issues and he may not move as fast which would IMO cause him more stress.
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I think that the fact you are questioning this means that you don't agree with it , and THANKGOD you are questioning it! There is no negative behavior here, just shy, possible past emotional and or physical abuse, and a lot of confusion. She sounds happy with her surroundings, she prances about and only seems timid when your close to her. Heres a few suggestions.....When you feed her, sit in front of her while she eats without trying to touch her at first. You mentioned she is least timid then, so if you are close but not touching her while she eats, it is a huge step in the trust relationship. Just spend time during these interactions of her showing the need for attention but don't ask for more, eventually she will be asking for more. Talk to her when you are in the same room, even if shes hiding, and you think you sound crazy, try putting yourself in her shoes
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We have a cat very much like that. We do use the Feliway/Comfort Zone diffuser and some floral essence oils (dabbed on her eartips) to try to calm her, but we've never taken the step into actual sedatives. It just seems unnecessarily intrusive... and I worry that it would be so easy to overdose her.

If the kitty were vicious, attacking you or your other cats, then some kind of very low-dose calmative might be considered as a last resort... but if all the kitty wants is to be left alone, that's an easy desire to honor. And maybe if you give her plenty of space, she'll eventually be less fearful.

Good luck with her!
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