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Is Samantha stressing her out?

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Well as alot of you know, about a week and a half ago I adopted a Siamese mix girl by the name of Samantha.

Well, I have since figured out that she is definately a Siamese mix and not just a pointed moggie. She is VERY vocal, and actually sounds like she is dying when she runs out of food..lol.

After a week of having her at home, I decided keeping her locked in one room was doing her more harm than good. So I put on a collar and tag (shes known to bolt) and let her have free rein of the house. Well Ceci took it well enough, she hissed at Samantha a few times, and then just followed her around.

But now I think Samantha may be stressing Ceci out. Ceci's all time favorite place to sleep is on the small sofa. She wont even sleep with us! But lately I wake up in the middle of the night to check on DS and she is sleeping on top of his dresser. Last night I found out why. Samantha has been sleeping in her sofa, and Ceci will stare at her from afar, and they will just stare at eachother.

Could it be stressing Ceci out that their is another cat sleeping in her favorite spots?
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As soon as Sam figures out where Ceci is, she'll push her out and take over that place, and Sam will be able to go back to her sofa. Happens all the time!
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The things to watch out for as far as signs of stress becoming physical would be difference in water and food intake, loose stool, excessive shedding or itching. It sounds like a normal response so far, one is seeking company, the other is trying to find a place that is not reachable.....
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