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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
except salt and vinegar chips!
I was just going to say how I LOVE salt and vinegar chips!!!

They're particularly good during that special time before Aunt Flo comes to town

And, I also love:
brie and crackers
carrots and hummus
and the Edy's light ice creams are actually REALLY good, I really like the Fudge Brownie one!!!
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granola with craisins and almonds and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
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Cheese and pickles (but not together)! Another favourite is a slice of pickle between two crackers. Yum!
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I love those jello cups that have fruit in the bottom (sorry can't think of the name for them).
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I love dill pickles, chips.. I will have salt & vinegar lays potato chips once in awhile.. my favorite are cheddar and sour cream, pringles loaded baked potato..I know they sound nasty. I thought they were gross the first time I tried them and now I am addicted to them. I love pretzels, animal cookies, homemade cookies, anything like that oh and chocolate!! and nutella is good on plain bagels! I know I can't help it but I looovvveeee food. and for a semi healthy snack (ranch is fattening) I will have baby carrots and ranch. I think I may go have some now.
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