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Bella's going for her op tomorrow

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Hi All
I'm new here, Bella is our 6 month old kitten and she is going to get spayed and microchipped tomorrow. I booked it last week and I was fine, now I'm a bag of nerves all I can think of is what if it goes wrong!!! She is a house cat and doesn't get out and I know that there are good health reasons for doing it, but when I came in today she lay on her back wanting her tummy rubbed and I thought 'oh tomorrow she will be shaved and lying like that will be painful for her' I'm not considering cancelling it, but my husband wasn't keen when he found out what the operation consists of (he thought she would just get her tubes tied) so I can't tell him that i'm now so worried. We got her when she was 7 weeks old and she is adorable. Just wanted to get it off my chest. I would add a picture of her but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.
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Welcome to TCS!

I had my little girl Sydney spayed back in October (she is also an indoor cat) and I know how terribly nerve racking it is for us concerned parents

There are so many health benefits of getting her spayed though, I'm sure everything will be fine but I'll send some good health vibes anyways!! {{{ }}}
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We have all been through those feelings, especialy when they look so little and innocent, but you know you are doing the best thing for her.
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I'm sure everything will go smoothly for Bella's procedures. Keep your chin up!

To add pictures to your post, you could open yourself an account at and then link to it there.
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She'll be fine, just a bit sore for a few days after, then she'll be good as new. Even her fur will have fully grown back in a few weeks and you won't even know it was done. As you know, she's much more likely to have a longer healthier life because of being spayed, you are doing the right thing for her. A few days of discomfort following the surgery is worth it in the long run.

I remember being so nervous when my boy went in for his neutering and to have his umbilical hernia repaired that I was being physically ill, but it all went fine and the next day you wouldn't have even known that he'd had surgery, he was back to his usual self and in no pain.

It is normal to be worried for our pets, what it shows most is that you are a good, caring, and responsible kitty-mum
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Hi - well I´ve checked Bellas photo out she is so adorable
It is a worrying time, but she will be in good hands and back home with you very soon. You are doing the right thing for her and for the Cat Community as a whole We´re all right behind you !
Heres sending some from my kitty crew and a for you !
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Bella is just so precious a girl, & i understand your anxiety. i've had 5 girls spayed in my cat-owning life, & none have ever had any complications of any kind. the last 2 were running around the following day like nothing had even happened! i'm sure she'll be just fine, & kudos to you for having her fixed!
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I'm sure she'll be fine, and you are SO doing the right thing! Even being an inside kitty - she won't attract suitors to the house, she won't go into heat - and then there's all the health benefits.

I'm sure you're vet will do pre-anaesthetic testing. That's where any potential problems would crop up, and it is rare.

Be strong for her! Sit down tonight and have a "chat" with her. Tell her what is going to happen. Let her know it will be scary, but that after a few days she'll be just as happy as she is today (if not happier, because mom won't be nervous!), and it'll mean a longer, happier, healthier life for her! Tell her the only reason you're vibing nervous energy at her is because you love her so much and you don't want her to be scared....

...and then do your best to get into a positive frame of mind so you can send out reassuring vibes to her.

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I completely understand your worries - I couldn't settle at all the day all my boys went in for their little 'snips' - but you are doing the right thing - in this little op, you will be safeguarding her future and lessening the chances of 'ladies problems' for her later in life.

Big hugs for her and paws crossed from the boys!
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I kno what u are going thru when our bella found us she was already fixed although we made the appointment because we were unaware of it and I was a nervous wreck ecspecially the nite before and i felt so bad, and even at the begining of the month when we took stormie i was soo worried but also relieved she was 5 months and had already reached heat cycles so i was good and tired and ready, and when we got stormie there were alredy alot of vet visits because when we got her she was infested with fleas and had a really bad reoccuring URI and i stayed up all night and day with that, but usually with spays the kitties fine, we ended up getting pain medicine for Stormie and she didnt even seem like she was in pain she was trying to play like she usually did even tho i didnt encourage it just make sure to keep an eye on ur bella and her stitches after its done i caught stormie a few times going for them so i am hoping everything goes great for u and theres not much to worry about, try to just think positive and try to keep ur nerves calmed i played with the kitties and preoccupied myself so i wouldnt be stressing them out because i was stressed but keep us updated on how everything goes
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I know how it is to be nervous and worried when our babies go for surgery. Bella will be fine, I'm sure. And, as others have said, this is the best thing for her in the long run. Here are some {{{easy surgery and quick recovery}}} vibes for Bella. Hugs to both of you.
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