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On average, how much

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sleep do you get a night?
I do not get much at all, as I suffer from terrible Insomnia.
If I get 3-4 hours of sleep, then I'm doing pretty good.
My Dr wants a sleep study done as soon as possible.So, I'll be setting one up sometime today.
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3-5 most of the time, Normaly i run weeks with 3 hours, then i will crash and sleep like 10 hours one day.
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Not enough Usually 4-5 hours a night, 6 if I'm lucky. Sometimes at weekends I'll feed the cats, shut them out the back and go back to bed for a few more hours and get it up to about 7 but that's rare.
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not nearly enough usually about 5
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I average about 6 hours a night, but sometimes sleep for 9 or 10 on weekends. I think 7 is about right for me.
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About 8 on average. With the hot weather and all i got only a few on the weekend. It seems when i have my alarm set, i want to sleep in, but when it's a day i can sleep in i wake up early
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I get about 6 hours a sleep, sometimes it might be a little more
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I try for 8 but usually get about 7...
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absolute minimum for me is 6, I like to get 7 or 8, but i also have no problem getting 9 or 10
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I usually get 8 hours of sleep a night. I sleep the same amount on the weekend too.
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I usually get about 7.5 hrs/night. However that doesn't mean I sleep through the entire night-usually Bakker will wake me up at least once as he sleeps on a pillow by my head and either is stepping on my hair or licking me. Once spring rolls around the birds are so noisy I have to put a pillow over my head to block their "singing". I sleep about the same on weekends too.
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I'm quiet, but crabby if I get less then 7.

Although if I have to be social, I'm slap happy, goofy but also highly critical. Oh and most times I rip on other people. Oh wait, no...that's all the time
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4-6 hours a night, usually.

I can't fall alseep until after a certain time, and sometimes still then I can't. And I am always up at 7am, no matter what time I went to bed, and no matter what day it is. Dogs need to go out and I need to wake up to go take care of 150ish kitties every morning.
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