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YOUR Nickname(s)...

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Howdie y'all...

We've done our kitties nicknames...but I don't think there's a thread with our nicknames (if there is, please let me know about it y'all). So...what are some of your nicknames?

Some of mine are:

Hilda-Gorilda En Bathing Suit (my dear brother used to call me that)
Vieja (dear hubby calls me that)
Madre Purisima (Naomi calls me this..awww)

Oh, and of course...

Hilda >^..^<
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My nickname from my Dad was Mokey
I will be getting that tattoed on me sometime this Summer.
I also have Tammarree
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La la (my name for myself as a toddler; I guess I didn't trust my parents)
El Presidente (no, I'm not joking)
Spiritual Leader (again, no, I'm not joking)
God Monster (no, I'm not joking here, either)

Do pseudonames count? For my writing I use Angela de Guerre for my fantasy/sci fi and Sebastiane Maire Caldwell for cyber punk - for my more literary stuff I'm toying with Ciara O'Neill.
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My friends all call me Bea
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Well, my name is Holly, and most of my closer friends call me Hail. I've been Hail for so long, I don't even remember how that came about.
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I get called Sue, Sooz, and off Ryan, Snoozin
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My father still calls me Munshkin
but my entire family calls me Ronnie
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Red by my friends, and Waa by my mother
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My name is Katie, but some people call me Katiemae and others call me Katelyn..... cat lady is also a popular one lately
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Just Neet.
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I have sooo many.

Ammy Lee
Amby Sue
Wild thing
Speckled Pup
Dirty Eyes
Brown Eyes
just to name a few.
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When I was really young, my mom used to call me "Petunia." Sometime in like 4th or 5th grade, she started calling me "Piglet." I remember saying - HEY! Are you trying to tell me something!?

Other than "pet" names, I don't have any nick-names. Gary calls me pookie, pumpkin, and booboo.
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well lets see my name is amanda and my parents call me bird (they say i used to climb in the windows when i was a baby and look at all the birds) my one "cousin" calls me birdy, my niece and nephews call me mina (my one nephew when he was younger he used to call me hidy {i guees from when my brother would come home i would always say Hi D (i stayed with them quit a bit back then) } ) and my friends call me Manda and thats all i can think of now
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My first name is Maria and my nicknames are Tina, Mari, Mary, & Tinita.
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My name is Helen and DH calls me Hel or honey, most people call me Hel.
My Nieces and Nephews call me Aunt Honey
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My name is Pamela and my family calls me Pammy or Poo, my nieces and nephews all call me Poomie and all of Jim's family call me Panayota.
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Nikki - My first name is Lydia and my middle name is Nichole- so Nikki's the main one.

Sissy- my mom and my sisters call me that it's supposed to be like "sisiter"

Lydie - my sister Debbie calls me that

Little Miss Sugar- I've danced since i was 3 (i can't now- my knees are screwed up) - I was the sugar plum fairy in our nutcacker program for quite a few years at the professional ballet company i danced with

Also- there are some names that aren't appropriate to post My best friend and i call each other goofy stuff.
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Nat the Brat
Spaddle Spee
Her nibs

I had alot of silly friends growing was a blast I have been seriously called all of these nicknames. People love nicknaming me I guess
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Squirt - My 5 foot sister still calls me this even though I am 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Beavis - My DH - His nickname is Butthead (I know very romantic)

Sissy - My Best friend
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