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Litter size?

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My Scottish fold shakier she had in first Litter six kittens and second litter 3 kittens. why it is different number although she is mating from same male ?? and number of kitten in litter depend of what ??
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The number of kittens is determined by how many eggs the female releases at the time. Doesn't have a thing to do with which male she is mated to

My cats have varied between 1-6 kittens. Litters are rarely the same number.
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My Reecie had five kittens in the 1st litter and 3 in the 2nd with the same sire...and really, I'm glad for the smaller numbers. The wieght of the 1st litter at their first vaccinations averaged 500grams whereas the second litter is 800grams!! She had a good 8 months rest between the first litter and the second litter too!!!
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