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Do cats have a "connection" with there owners??

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Hi, I hope I can explain this so it makes sense. We went on a cruise the beginning of this month and we were gone for 10 days. I left Cozmo with the girl I got him from while we were gone. She told me he was not a happy camper, he hissed and growled at her and her cats, even his brother. He peed all over her bathroom floor also. She said he was like this for 3 days then suddenly changed and was fine.

Well I was so busy the first 3 days after I left Cozmo there I didn't get a chance to think about him. Then on the 3rd day I was laying on the ship and just concentrated real hard on Cozmo and I said with my thoughts to him that I didn't get rid of him and I would be back for him soon.

I know it sounds crazy but it is weird how he changed his mood at about the same time I was thinking about him and talked to him in my thoughts.

Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing like this before? Could it be really possible that he somehow knew that I was thinking about him from that far away?
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Well I can not say from a scientific point of view but from my personal and religious(i am a wiccan) view i do beleive that humans and animals can have a mental connection as what you say. There are many times i have sat here with Kirra and even my past cats and thought something and the cat would respond, heck there are times I can sense what they feel. I think personally if an owner is"open" to things of that nature it is VERY possible.
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Yes, you are connected with your cats. I had a weird experience recently where Gizmo made contact when I was nowhere near her.
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I've definitely heard of it and believe it, though I don't think you can 'make' it happen, just depends on the cat, the person, the timing and ???
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I really believe pets (cats and dogs especially) have a connection with their humans...I see it almost every day with my own pets.
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There are those who claim that cats can't learn to understand English, that all they learn are "sounds" and make certain associations with those sounds, like the sound "supper" = FOOD.

If that is true, then I think cats would HAVE to have a form of telepathy, because cats seem to understand WAY more than people would think.

Last night, Ginger was cozied up to me and was settling down for a nap, and Ferris jumped up and wanted her attention, as he wanted to play. She raised a paw to him and was about to bop him one when I said, "Ferris, please leave Ginger alone, she doesn't want to play right now, she just wants to take a nap."

At my words, he looked at me, at Ginger, then backed up and laid down, putting his head on his paws. Then, he settled in for a nap, too, and for the first time, I went to sleep with BOTH of my furbabies on my bed with me!

No one can tell me that Ferris didn't understand what I said to him - I KNOW he understood. Be that by my spoken words or what I conveyed in my brain that he picked up on, I don't know, and I really don't care.

I absolutely believe that cats have a connection with the ones that love and care for them! And dogs, too, not just cats!
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I really don't think there's any question here. Cats KNOW who their family (or mommy or daddy or slave or whatever) is. When we drive into the yard every evening after work...Dulcinea starts meowing and rubbing herself against the window (where she's been waiting for us). If one of us is late, she gets very anxious and paces around and meows...with that special ("I'm upset") meow. When we come in, she rubs against our legs and waits to be picked up and kissed and talked to. She responds differently to Fr. Miguel than to me...because he is her 'daddy'...and she listens to everything he says. They even have conversations and I truly believe she understands him completely on some strange level. If I ask her to come into the living room (because I hear her up to mischief in the kitchen)---she doesn't budge, but if Fr. Miguel says, "Dulcinea---what are you doing?"---she comes running out of the kitchen IMMEDIATELY. Cats (and probably most animals) DEFINITELY know who's who!

Fr. Gregg
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I believe it too.

I took Jaffa to the vets about 4 months ago for some blood tests and the nurse took him to the back room in his carrier so that they could shave his neck and take the blood while I waited in the waiting room. I was worried about him because he's very timid and is nervous enough when he's just being examined in the consulting room with me there stroking him. As I sat there waiting for him I tried to focus all my thoughs on him and talked to him (not out loud) all the time he was gone, reassuring him everything would be ok and that I was here waiting to take him home and telling him to be a brave boy. When they brought him back out again the nurse said that apart from a bit of growling (normal - he usual hisses and growls at them out of fear) he'd been good as gold and no trouble at all. I'm convinced that he was aware of me communicating with him.
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I believe that cats and dogs have a weird unexplainable connection, like i say things in my mind all the time i will be sitting here in my room and i wont say anything i just look and dont even have to say something but i will be thinking it and the cats will do exactly as my thought but mine more is looks than words or thoughts
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Our dog can most times tell when Yvonne is on her way home from work way before she pulls in the drive way, most time 20 minutes before she gets home the dog is acting weird like she has to go outside or something. She will run to the back door and back to the front window, back and forth till Yvonne pulls in the drive way, so she somehow knows she is on her way home. Yvonne does home health so she gets home at all different times so the dog must be reacting to something different than just the same time every day.
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Tom, I really do believe there is that type of connection, even though I have no experience myself. But then I have also felt that Cozmo was destined for you and that you had a connection with him before he appeared in your life.
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I absolutely believe that cats have a connection with their pets (us). I dont believe that you can spend such a large amount of your time and love caring for someone and not have some kind of connection.
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Among our cats, Dylan is the most psychic. We have one of those laser-light toys, and he just loves to chase that little red light -- so much that if we let him see where we keep it, he will move heaven and earth to get AT the thing.

So we got in the habit of waiting until Dylan was in another room and then hiding the toy in any of half a dozen places. He doesn't FIND it -- and if he did, I would suspect that he was simply smelling it, anyway. What he actually does is even more remarkable...

One day, I said to my mom, "We haven't let Dylan play with the laser thing in awhile. Where'd you leave it?" By the time I got to the cabinet it was in, Dylan had come running in from another room and was at my side, bouncing on his toes and looking from my face to my hand and back, even though my hand was still empty.

This occurred a few times over a period of weeks, and ONLY when I was going to get the laser toy. Okay, so maybe Dylan knows the word "laser," right? Nope...

One day I simply THOUGHT, "I ought to get that toy and give Dylan a round" -- and there he was, before I could even get out of my chair, doing that same eager look back and forth between my face and my hand, waiting for the laser toy to appear. And the same thing has happened several times with my mom, as well.

It has occurred to me that we might be emitting some particular pheromone when we think about getting the laser toy, but it often happens so FAST that it's just not possible for a pheromone to have REACHED Dylan so quickly.

He's psychic, no doubt about it. I think most cats are.
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I was once in Spain on holiday last year, and I found a beautiful cat, who obviously belonged to someone, because she was well groomed, and had a lovely nature. She was also pregnant i think.
Anyway, she would always turn up at the villa just as we arrived back from somewhere, and seemed to "know" when we were around. She usually did not appear until 1 or 2 am each night, and turned up every night, but on the last day, we had to leave at 7:30 am to catch the flight, and she was waiting patiently outside the front door. I am not sure how I knew, but I just sorta knew there was some sort of sort of telepathic connection. I don't usually believe in such things, but it was a strong sort of connection.
Strange, but she was such a lovely cat.
I know she belonged to someone else, but I couldn't resist feeding her every now and then, and one day I had left the door open while I was in the pool, and came back in to find her in the suitcase!
I even named her; Frisbee!
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