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I call them Pets.

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These are the pet deer we have at my parents house they are twin fawns from this past spring. They live on our property and eat the apples that fall to the ground. There are still apples on the trees (they are kind of frozen) and the squirls knock them to the ground so the deer can get them

Here are the twins this past fall in the back yard

Her are the twins a little plumper with their winter fur eating apples in the front yard
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Awww they are cute! I love the second pic!
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Awwwwww that sec pic could be a post card
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You are so lucky having those beauties in your backyard!
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AWWW We have a family of seven now... Mom Dad three yr old twins , a two yr old single and two yrlings
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Awwww. That would be sooo cool!
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awe we deer here, we have a few the other day we seen 6 but they are based on our hill because my mom and i feed them, and the neighbor does, and another neighbor down the street does as well so they are very well feed and in a way we consider them our pets too
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I see deer occassional around my place. That's so cute that they come right out into the open like that.
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They're so beautiful!! I just love deer!
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Aww, I love the pic of them in the snow
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how wonderful I love it when you can observe nature " up, close & personal "

Great photos
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they must know they're safe hanging around your yard. Nobody can shoot them.

My friend has apple trees in her backyard as well and gets deer grazing through sometimes. It's weird though, because we live so close to the city.
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That's adorable. It's so sweet how one is always keep ing watch for the other. We have deer at our house, but the stay in the front pasture and apple orchard so we never see them.
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