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Rough/Aggressive 7 month old kitten.

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Cappy is coming on 8 months on Feb 8th, and he is one of the roughest kittens I've ever known.

Now Cappy and his two brothers were brought to me at 11 days old after their mom had been hit by a car. I handraised them until they were 8 weeks old, when the two brothers went to the rescue to be adopted, and we kept Cappy. The boys were shortly adotped out together.

Now ever since the kittens could walk without falling over, they beat on each other badly. I'd seperate them or lightly tap their bums with my finger but it didn't really work.
Also had to seperate them from 4-7 weeks of age because they were sucking on each others naughty bits. Though they still had play time everyday, I just never left them alone together.

Now, months later. Cappy is still a little bugger. He is the smallest in the house and can beat up my 17lb Poptart. He even makes them cry out, thats when I go and seperate them. But then he goes off and bites me. Not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to hurt.

Now, I talk with the family that adopted my boys, and they also say that they play really rough with each other until they start crying out, but neither of them gives up, they just keep playing.

I'm just wondering, is it a possibilty that they act like this because they didn't have their mum with them to show them.
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My boy Vash is very rough and non-stop and has been since we brought him home, his full breother, Trouble, is not like this.
Both boys stayed with their mom until 12 weeks.

I do not bother breaking these fights up as they are not truly aggressive, just good hard play.
I've found that some cats will scream simply for the effect, not because they hurt.
Unless there is bloodshed, I honestly wouldn't worry about it, let him burn off all that kitten mischief.
Adult cats will put up with a lot from a kitten and when they've had enough, they'll let him know it.
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I agree...Whenever we add a new kitten to our crew, playtime is noisier than usual (whining, crying). Like Arlyn said, unless there is real bloodshed going on I let it go. I have two that used to use their claws on me, a lot. They were separated from their mom @ 4 wks. They played rough with my grown kitties and learned claw retraction, at some point...'cause they're good girls now.

Back to your question, I would say yes - their aggression could be due to not having time with their mom to learn. If your adult cats are anything like mine, they will teach them.
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