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Aggressive Kitten

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My wife an I just adopted a kitten about 12 weeks old. He is very playful and can be a lap cat very lovable at times. However at times he goes into attack mode and will bite for no reason.oNE MINUTE HE IS RELAXED AND SITTING CUDDLING NEXT MINUTE HE IS BITING THE PERSON NEXT TO HIM unfortunetualy it was my wife . I spoke to the foster parents and they said he showed this towards his sister kitten and they would wrestle but she would stop the agression by letting him know she wasnt gonna take it from him. HOW CAN I BREAK HIM FROM THIS BAD HABIT. I am readdy to return him to the foster family because I my wife who was never around cats is scared and I dont want to listen to her.I know he isnt doing this on purpose but my wife is getting scared of him. I love this cat already and dont want to return him but i dont want to have my wife scared of him
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Kittens love to play and they can get rough with one another so they don't really understand why we don't like it

You need to firmly say NO and walk away. It won't happen immediatley but eventually the kitten will get the point.

Also make sure that you don't play with the kitten using your hands. Use a toy such as a cat dancer or kitty "fishing pole"
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Originally Posted by b842001 View Post
I love this cat already and dont want to return him but i dont want to have my wife scared of him
Your wife probably had cat phobia before the kitten's arrival. You will have to keep kitty away from her until he's better behaved. By the way, what's his name?
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I knowhow they play and what to expect and I know he will mellow out as he gets older its just that one moment he is laying next to her the next he tries to bite her. I wouldnt call it a full blown phobia, its just that she never had pet or grew up with pets as I did so this behavior doesnt scare me .I also know not to use the hands , this yelling no does not work but we didnt walk away. We still have him confined to one room getting him adjusted before we let him explore the rest of the house.
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Have you tried "wearing him out" with toys regularly? If you can get a laser pointer or some other type of toy for him to chase and spend some time doing that, maybe that will use up his energy for a while and he will be less likely to just suddenly want to play.
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yea that defiantley workd with my kitty. wear him down with toys and strings he can chase
Also dont bother him after he eats my kitty gets angry when i do it
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Could you kitty be teething? After the adult fangs came in Ben has calmed down so much. The kitten teeth hurt way more than the adult teeth.
Ben likes to chew on boxes. Maybe you can get a chewy toy for the kitty?
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