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More funny cat rules!

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So I was reading about the Edmonton Cat Fanciers show this March, and checked out a link on their page called "Cat Manual"


not quite what I expected, but hilarious none the less
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That is cute *LOL*
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52. I will not pull my master out of the trash bin when she is busy inspecting its contents.
Ah yes I have experienced the woe and displeasure that this causes my master. Even though he ended up smelling of the trout we had for dinner last night. If my master wants to smell like day old fish that is his business and it is not my place to comment on it
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Very cute! Thanks for sharing
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That's cute!
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"61. I will not try to ignore my master when she comes over to join my phone conversation, because since no one else is in the room, I must be talking to her. (Who would *really* be talking to a piece of plastic anyway?)"

Excellent point! Molly hangs up conversations that she thinks are going on too long - invariably a rare international call.
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"13. I will not stick my finger in master's mouth when she yawns."

*giggles* guilty as charged... I don't know why I feel the compulsion to do that sometimes. Wonton never looks very pleased about it. Also, recently I discovered that if I gently touch the tip of his nose, he'll always lick it right afterwards. Touch.. lick. Touch... lick. This kept me amused for a couple minutes the other day... As did observing that when just sitting/laying down, his tail moved slowly, lazily, but if I said "booboo" or "Wonton" it would suddenly flick faster and harder. I then amused myself by saying "broccoli".. nothing "cat"...nothing... "Wonton"... tail flick!! "honda" nothing "pig" nothing.. "booboo" ... tail flick!!!!

um, yeah. cats are fun
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Those are really good!
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