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Meet the boys!! :) (Puppy pics)

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Finally!! I ahve some pics!! They're not great, and the boys look much better in the flesh... but they still look pretty cute in the pics... sorry they are so dark, I'll have to get taking some more!!

Here is the first one, this is me and Murphey (yes unfortunately I am in a few of these pics... apologies!!)
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And another..... this is me and hubby with the boys.... Hubby has Rye and I have Murphey (I HATE this pic of me.. I don't look like that damn it!!!)
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This is Hubby and Murphey
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This is Hubby and Rye
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Hubby and the boys...
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Aaaaannnnd last one, hubby and the boys again

They are just 8 weeks old (this Sat just gone) and are being booked in for their first jabs this week!!! (they don't know this yet though, so SHHH!!!! )
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OH!so cute furballs!What kind of dogs are they?Spaniels?
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Thanks! THey are red and white Border Collies
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I would like to have a dog,but I am SO allergic!Some dogs tend to have so strong scent that it makes me sneeze Peole allways says that how can you have a cat then?I dont`t know...But I can allways watch pictures of those cute puppies of yours!!!
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Aww thats a shame You know, sometimes it the saliva in the animal that people are allergic to - its in/on their fur because thats how they clean themselves... if it is JUST the fur though, there are some breeds that are OK for allergic people... I THINK a poodle is one, as they don't shed....?? (could be totally wrong here!! haha)

But in the meantime... I'm more than happy to supply you with puppy pics!!
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Thanks for sharing those! (its about time!)

And SO WHAT if you look "like that"! There's nothing bad about the way you look , silly girl. You're lovely!

Are things going well with the kitty contingent in your home?

"...I like the part where Icarus hijacks the little red hen..."
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Love the pics Rhea (and you know you look like a model!). They are little sweety pies. Give them a little smooch from the cyber auntie Ady! How are the kitties handling these new bundles of joy and energy?
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Thanks Bill and Ady (bless ya!)
The kitties are all doing fine!!! We have the pups in our side garden and a "mesh" fence up to stop them getting in the back garden - the kitties line up at the mesh all day to watch the pups like a TV show!! its too funny :laughing: Bod loves them, Merle and Monty are not too sure but getting MUCH friendlier - they are starting to enjoy being licked through the mesh!! Pip just watches - confused I think! Ash and Truffle don't seem too keen on them yet, they are keeping a distance but having a good nose around when the pups aren't looking..
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Oh Rhea, they are beeeoootiful!!!!
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What cuties! Thanks for sharing the pics with us (FINALLY! LOL)
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Thanks for sharing!!

I love puppies!!!
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Originally posted by billchamb

SO WHAT if you look "like that"! There's nothing bad about the way you look , silly girl. You're lovely!
I second that!!!! And what adorable poopies you have!!!!! I just love them!!!! (and hubbies not too bad looking either from what I can see ) Thanks for the pictures!!!!!
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The puppies are adorable! And I agree with Debby and Bill and Ady, you look lovely.

Katmintti, I think Rhea is right, poodles don't shed, and are supposed to be good for people with allergies. I think.
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If I remember right, and I may not be, I think poodles are good with people with allergies because they have actual hair, not fur. This also means that their hair is constantly growing like ours does so they need to be groomed more often. But that's why poodles are recommended for people with allergies.

(If I'm wrong, someone please correct me!)
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They are absolutely adorable!

I want one!!!!
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The puppies are both adorable and I agree with the others, there's nothing wrong with the way you look in the pictures.
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