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6 Years

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Six years ago today you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I'll never forget your final moments. Though they weren't fun, I'm glad I was there near you. I feel better that you didn't go alone; and that you didn't suffer long. I still don't for sure know what took you away from me. They say something was wrong with your heart, but we'd never heard that before.

You were my best friend and I didn't know how I'd make it without you. It comforts me to know you liked Nathan. He takes good care of me now. Tiger missed you a lot, but I'm sure she's told you that by now.

I remember the first time I saw you. You were only a week old and the only stripped baby of your litter. You had my heart from there. Your mama even let me pet her while she was with you and your brothers and sisters. You came home and gave Tinsel new life. You kept us laughing with your 'jumping beans' antics. You comforted me in the most difficult years of my life. I am eternally grateful to you for your unconditional love and devotion. Sometimes I think you were really an angel in disguise.

Nine years was not long enough to be with you, but I cherish the time. Ninety years would not be enough! Every spring when the wildflowers grow up over your resting place I'm reminded of your love. We don't know how the flowers got there, but they are like you. Simple and sweet, tiny and timid.

Thank you for being all that you were my Glory Beans. Your Mama loves you forever.

Play Happy Little One!
Morning Glory
May 23, 1992 - January 22, 2002

Always My Love
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What a beautiful tribute to Morning Glory

Rest in peace little one
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That was a wonderful tribute

RIP Morning Glory
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What a beautiful tribute to your sweet Morning Glory! RIP little one!
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That is a beautiful tribute for a very special girl
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What a beautiful tribute for your sweet girl
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I'm so sorry you lossed your sweet Morning Glory, she was such a beautiful girl. Rest in peace Morning Glory and watch over your mommy now.
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What a gorgeous little girl she is as well

Have fun with your new friends at the Bridge Mornig Glory

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Thank you for sharing that with us.

It was a lovely tribute for a lovely girl. I'm sure she is looking down on you and smiling as she reads the words in your heart.
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Thank you for sharing your story of Glory Beans You obviously have some very special and wonderful memories of her.

Sweet Morning Glory, you are a special angel in RB, run & play & take care of all the other special kitties from TCS
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Very sweet tribute, LeighAnn.
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A beautiful tribute to a beautiful Morning Glory.
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What a beautiful tribute.

Rest in happy play Morning Glory; look down in love on those who miss you.
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very nice RIP little one
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That's a lovely tribute to your girl
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A beautiful Tribute to a beautiful little girl. Rest in Peace honey
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A touching tribute to your special girl, I'm so sorry for your loss. May Morning Glory rest in peace and run and play happily during her time at the Bridge.
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