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Meet the Fuzz

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This is Fuzzy

When we moved in to our new apartment, Fuzzy was there. I was bringing a few small things over to the new place, and it was just me, a couple boxes, and an open door, and this cat walked it and checked the place out. He has been around ever since, in and out of the hallways. The kids at the school next door feed him. I was going to adopt him until I found out he belonged to the people down the hall.

We still call him Fuzzy, or "The Fuzz".
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Oh Fuzzy you are certainly a handsome boy.
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Fuzzy is adorable
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Look at that adorable face!!
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Fuzzy is adorable!!!
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He's a community cat!

And a very handsome one at that!
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You've been welcomed to your new home by the Fuzz!
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