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Cant a girl sit down !!

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Can we get some room here pleeezee.......... mind you I suppose it doesnt help that I put THEIR blanket on the sofa!
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Awwww, the pink nosed babies, I Love them!
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Awww, how could you even think about waking up those beautities!?
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Ann, those two are just adorable....
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Awww, the sleep of the innocent...

Hilda >^..^<
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typical cat behaviour. Animals like to think that they own the place.
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You would never have such a cute pic had you been sitting
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Aww, they look so cozy.
I guess you're just going to have to sit somewhere else
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OMG! That is so adorable....I sleeping kitties!
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Cats ALWAYS get the first picking of where they want to sit/sleep!
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Aw, look at the little furries
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Awww... they're sleeping so peacefully! Don't wake them up!!
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Awww Look at those cutie pies!
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Notice the stretching as to take up more space...
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Awwww look at those little beauties
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We have the same blanket, only blue, on our couch and the cats love to sleep on it too, especially Oscar!
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It looks like you're going to have to go out and buy your own sofa!
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Your going to have to squeeze yourself into that little space between them!
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Looks like your going to have to get used to sitting on the floor
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I love sleeping kitties.. there soo pretty..
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How adoreable.
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