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mike tomlin the steelers new head coach

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so the new head coach of the steelers was announced today and I was wondering everyone elses views on Mike tomlin becoming the new head coach for the steelers !!!! I think its good, but everyones opinions are welcomed !!!!
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Well, not sure if my two cents are worth much, but I think Mike Tomlin is in the same mold as Bill Cowher. Who ever heard of that 34 year old in 1992 when he was hired? And look at how well he did for the Steelers!! Unfortunately, I think some new blood in the coaching staff is needed right now, much as I like Russ Grimm. This past season was dismal and I think someone needs to stir things up a little bit and I think the stirring needs to start at the top. I think the hiring of Mike Tomlin is a step in the right direction, but only time will tell.
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I think if they went with Russ Grimm (Who is an ex Redskin ) they would be able to keep some of the other coaches along with him but now a lot of their under coaches so to speak will be looking around too. Also it would have kept some continuity for the team, but time will tell I guess!
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Don't know much about him but congrats.

The Dolphins (my team) just got their new coach last week.
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I'm pleased with Tomlin's hiring. As was mentioned, new blood is needed and it sounds like he has the determination and fire to get it done. He better -- Steelers' fans WILL NOT put up with anything less.
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