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We are still tweaking the system and so here are a few major changes -

1. Upgrades to username, user title and thread titles, which are available through the VBPlaza shop (i.e. colors, bold, glow etc) are limited to premium members.

2. Premium members will be awarded a 30% discount on all shop items!

3. We wish to encourage people to post more in certain forums, so from now on, posts on the following forums are going to be awarded with 7 points per post, instead of 5: Health & Nutrition, Behavior, Care & Grooming, Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care, Caring for Strays and Ferals, Cats S.O.S, Crossing the Bridge. Please keep all posts meaningful and avoid posting smilies only or extremely short posts. Help us keep the high quality of discussions on those forums - thank you!

4. Posts made in the private Premier Lounge (reserved to Premium members) will be awarded with 10 points per post.