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Radio question of the day: 01/22/07

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How do you normally spend your weekends?
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Out with friends, biking, eating too much!
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working, sleeping and watching TV.... and cuddling with the kits of course!!!
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Usually a lot of nothing
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I usually volunteer at the shelter on Friday and Saturday
(I am there Tuesday-Saturday) then I spend time with my family and hang out with my furbabies. that's a normal weekend for me.
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cleaning and doing laundry....
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Running errands, cleaning, doing laundry, relaxing with DH, and maybe going out somewhere or staying in and watching a movie
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Shopping, laundry on Saturdays while watching sports on tv. Sunday are for sports on tv usually.
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I normally go to my parents and Take some time to visit my grandparents. I try to squeeze in some visits with friends and I sleep late.
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Sleeping in, doing all the chores I don't have time for during the week and watching movies.
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I go to the park both days. I do biking, walking, or kayaking. There's also a beach at the park that I go to. At night I usually go out to dinner.
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Well usually watching football on Sundays but since football season is basically over we will go see a movie on Sundays. Go to dinner.

On Saturdays during college football season we go see our KY Wildcats play.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
cleaning and doing laundry....
Same here
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We just chill.... my work just got so busy that all I can do is sleep when I get home.
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Not as much as I should.
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Well on weekend nights, I use to go to the restaurant and socialize and listen to music. Now I stay home and Im usually on TCS, where my cats want me.
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1/2 Working 1/2 dong as little as possible...
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
1/2 Working 1/2 dong as little as possible...
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Fridays I'm usually so exhausted from the week that I collapse and watch TV and often end up going to bed early.

Saturdays are often errand days. We also go to the movies, out to eat, etc.

Sundays are my cleaning days. I get groceries delivered, do laundry, etc...
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I spend them doing a whole lotta nothin! I relax and do some minor housekeeping. I like to read and we have dinner with my parent's pretty regularly too. Oh, I also spend plenty of time here on TCS!
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I clean, and spend way too much time on TCS. Sometimes I go visit my sister..and go grocery shopping.

Sometimes, I don't do anything but sit here with you folks
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I play on the computer and get groceries and go to my mom and dads house one of the days. Sometimes we rent a couple movies and go out to eat. Of course a good part of the evenings are spent playing with the kitties.
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Family time usually - the three of us go out and do something together. I work sundays, unfortunately, so we try and do as much as possible on Saturdays.

If I have a sunday off, we go to my grandparent's bach (holiday home) and do some work there. Its in dire need of work!
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Mostly nothing but hiding out and goofing off. I don’t even get dressed if I don’t have to go out.

And I try my best to catch up on what’s been going on here.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
How do you normally spend your weekends?
on home doing garden works.... and checking to the Amo Bonito playing on the grass!
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Oh my!!! This cracked me up too!!!!

I usually don't get dressed...I live in my pajamas over the weekend! And I do some cleaning if I'm in the mood, or just lay around doing nothing. I tend to watch a lot of movies, talk on the phone, drink coffee, pop into TCS...that sort of thing!
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Right now- i spend just about every single weekend working

On the rare occassion that i do have a day off over the weekend- i like to work out at the gym, lounge around in my pj's and post on TCS, go to the animal shelter, go shopping, hang out with my friends and family, clean house, or cook.
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