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Catsan litter

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I just bought this new litter catsan.
I never hear on this website so i was curious is it any good ?
I never hear about it so im just wandering

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There are several types of litter under the brand name Catsan. I use their non-clumping crystal litter and the cats are fine with it. I like it because it doesn't smell and is easy to scoop. It is a little more expensive than some others, but I think it is worth it.
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Which catsan is it? I use sophisticat premium choice which is very similar to the catsan clumping litter (except I think it has slightly better odour control).
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There are different types of Catsan. I occasionally buy the ultra-clumping variety when I'm running low, and find it satisfactory as far as clumping and dust are concerned, but more expensive than comparable or better brands.
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Its hard to explain its the 1 with a white cat on the ffront and its kind of a clay litter.I think its clumping not sure thats all i kno at the moment
Oh yea its really white like chalk
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That's not the ultraclumping, which has very fine, grayish-brown granules. I know the non-clumping is white, with large granules, but I'm not sure about the regular clumping.
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I buy the 'original' Catsan for my cats. I have tried them on the clumping variety but they hated it and peed on the kitchen floor instead (protest!!!) I have tried them on a variety of litters over time but I think Catsan is best for odour control and absorbancy.....and they like it as well!

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The regular clumping Catsan that I bought a while ago as a substitute was okay, but not one that I would choose to use regularly.

I found that although the trays were deep filled, there would be moist clay caked to the bottom when it was time for cleaning.

I also noticed that it's exactly the same in texture and clumpiness as the Sainsbury's own brand (in the same size and style bag)
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When my cat goes for a weewee
you can hear a little fizz noise and i think it evaporates.
I check the base and there was only a teany bit of water there

It must be good coz theres so many adverts of it
and i learnt tat adverts do cost some good money
so the company must have some good money from
selling the product

Right ?
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I personally think that satisfaction is entirely up to you and your cat/s If you and your cat like it and feel it's value for money and works well etc then use it as your brand of cat litter

We all have different cats and different reasons for using our own personal choice of litter
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There are so many different litters out there it really is just down to trial and error finding one that you like, your cats like and that suits your pocket. I'd never go back to using non clumping litter now that I've used it for years and am happy with the one I use (but am going to try Worlds Best soon just to see if how we get on with it) but other people swear by wood pellets or silica crytals, for example.

It's the catsan ultra clumping I've used. I consider that my backup if I can't get hold of the premium choice.
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I really like the Golden Grey, or Golden Grey Master: A little bit goes a long way. Jamie seems to prefer it, and when fwan's cats were here last year, they insisted on using that, rather than the Catsan she brought along for them. We got a free sample of the "Clean", and that was quite good, too.
Cat Exclusive is better for medium to long-haired cats, as it's not a "fine" litter, and thus doesn't cling to their fur as much. Extreme Classic is very fine and clumps well, but is extremely dusty.
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