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Pure Luck!

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So, yesterday we got about 5 inches of snow. Our landlord didn't plow our parking lot at all, which was odd because it stopped snowing at about 1PM yesterday giving him plenty of time to do it.

Anyways, I didn't even think of moving my car for them to plow this morning, its never been an issue.

So John gets up this morning at 7AM to go to work- and I fall back asleep. About 8:30 he comes in and wakes me up, telling me that he's home for the day since its too slow at work for him- AND... that they were getting ready to TOW my car out of the lot when he was pulling into the lot!
Now usually when they see a car in the lot and they NEED it moved, they honk or knock at the door. Nope, nothing like that today. (I was only 1/2 sleeping, thanks to 2 special kitties )

So thank God John came home and was able to move my car, otherwise I would have had a wonderful tow fee to pay this morning!
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How can they get away with that? That's pretty unfair, especially if your parking is included in your rental fees. I'd definitely speak to the landlord about that near miss. It would cost a fair bit of money to get your car back after being towed.
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Good luck indeed. But i agree. Is it fair that they just tow your car with out even trying to contact you? I mena you weren't parked illegally....
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I agree! I Never lived in an apartment that towed before plowing. Usually they just pile the snow up around the cars And people in the complex got away with ticketed vehicles until spring (providing they don't need the car)

I would definitely call the landlord on that. especially if he didn't post what was going to happen.
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It really is a good thing John came back home! A towing fee is just what you need right now, too...
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I think its crap too, since we don't have a garage (its an extra $50 a month) but they say that if we get over 1 inch of snow, they will plow and if we dont move them by 8AM, they will be towed. But they dont always plow so its like a hit or miss type thing, it makes me mad too, it would have been about $100 to get my car back too!
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Well that was lucky, though! Thank goodness John didn't have to work a full day!
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If you pay for parking and you were parked in the right spot you should NEVER get towed. it should be charged to your landlord if they tow you, that's rediculous. Tell them to plow around your car OR knock on the door. I mean seriously people you pay for the right to park there just because it snows that contract is not voided
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