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Lovely stray

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I hope it's okay just to post about strays here, not actually for questions about them.

We have two allotments (with chickens and plants) and after a couple of months of being on there (we've had our allotments for over two years now, maybe this will be the third year in around July/August) a little thin kitty started coming near us. Of course (we didn't have any kitties at the time, or planned to have any) we started socialising with her, and talked to her etc. After a while, she was still coming back and was very thin, so we decided to start feeding her. She started putting on lots of weight and even got a bit chubby but because she was outside and running around all the time she soon got rid of it.

That was about two years ago, and she still visits us every single time we go now. We have built a cat flap in the front of our greenhouse (we only did this in around September last year, in the summer we are thinking of maybe attempting to build some shelter outside, it'll be too hot in there, but for the winter it's perfect). She has a bed in there, which is just basically a large storage box turned on its side, and lined with a sleeping bag and a blanket. She doesn't always sleep there, but it's there for her if she wants to. We feed her twice a day, we also give her water but she never drinks it. She has been very good with us, never bit, purposely scratched or pooped in our greenhouse. Well, I tell a lie, there was once when she did poop in her bed, but it was a very unhealthy looking poo and this is the only time she'd ever done it, so we thought it was an accident, washed her bedding and that was the end of it

She has also been a good little mouse and rat trap. I've lost count of the amount of rats and mices she's brought to us a "gifts". Yum but it stops them from getting into the chicken food etc, or just generally moving in. Lately, we've also seen her 'friend'. 'He' (we aren't sure, but just for the sake of it we've been calling 'him' her boyfriend hehe) is very shy, but has came up to dad for a fuss once when he saw her been stroked, purring etc. Dad has also seen him inside the greenhouse, with them both sharing a dish of food. He is almost identical to her, he is however a bit smaller, and meows differently. She is also kinda going grey on her head, where as he doesn't seem to be.

Well.. that's it for now. I just wanted to tell you all about her and how much love she's brought to us when we're down there. She just can't resist coming up to us for a fuss when we're trying to dig

Oh, she responds to the name 'Meow' At first we were saying meow to her, and now when ever we say it she meows back

Jane x

(we also believe she is spayed, we were told by someone on there that someone who used to have an allotment owned this cat and had her spayed, however he died shortly after)

Here are a few pics (they're pretty old, but still show off how beautiful she is

(I hope they're not too big to show, I apologise if they are )
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She sure is a pretty little girl.

The second picture made me laugh...she looks like she's ready to open up her mouth and say something!
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She is a very pretty cat
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What a beautiful kitty! I'm glad the "neighborhood" is caring for her after the passing of her original guardian.

The next time you're out there, you may want to consider taking "your girl" to the vet for a check-up if you can afford it. They can also shave her belly to make sure she's been spayed.

Scritches to her from me,

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Thanks everyone, just been to see her actually

LDG, we think she's definately spayed because of what everyone has told us, but I will suggest the idea to dad. It might take a couple of weeks though to convince dad because she seems healthy and we need to save up a bit, but thanks for the idea.
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I'm inclined to agree with you - especially since in the two years she's been a aprt of your life she hasn't ever turned up with kittens. That's a BIG indicator!

However, another consideration in taking her to the vet is that you may want to have her vaccinated at least for rabies (I don't know what's required or usual in the UK, but distemper is pretty standard in the U.S.) - just to protect her as she lives outside.

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She is cute, she really has the Tabby look.
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She is sweet! I am so glad you are looking after her and her 'friend'! There is no need to vaccinate for rabies in the UK but the normal triple vaccine is a good idea. especially since she is outside. I would agree that if possible she should have a health check and vaccine, deworming and defleaing. If one day you can trap the male kitty, he should have the same and of course neutering if he hasn't been fixed. If you are having problems with funds, call the local Blue Cross and they may be able to help.
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awwww wow she really is gorgeous. How wonderful of you to look after her & her 'friend'. bless you!
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She is a cutie. Thank you for taking care of her.
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