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Villy has to be fully anaesthatised

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Villy had her annual injections and health check, and her teeth are looking quite bad. (she is 9) Next monday she has to spend the day at the vets where she will be fully anaesthatised and her teeth will be cleaned and maybe a couple removed etc.
I don't want to take her it makes me so sad to leave her at the vets all day, it's so horrible for her, she doesn't understand it's for her own good.
I know she has to go but it just breaks my heart, my poor girl gets so frightened.
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Oh I am so sorry, it's so hard to leave them isn't it, they don't know why and if we could just explain it to them it would be so much easier. Sending calming vibes to your sweet girl.
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I'm sorry that Villy is going to have to go in for dental work. It's always stressful on them and on the meowmy's & daddy's
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Oh Jessy, I know how horrible it is to leave them - especially for a dental

Villy will bounce right back after her dental and her teeth will look absolutely fabulous!

Calming }}}VIBES{{{ heading to you both
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Oh heck, it is a worry and I agree with you, leaving them at the vets seems more a trauma to us than them I know it sounds cliche but she´ll be in great hands and then you´ll have her home all done and dusted -or should I say cleaned before you know it
Heres some calming ((((( vibes ))))) for you and Villy
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Thanks everyone, I think maybe it is harder for us than for them
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My mother's cat had to have a full dental with anaesthetic after her annual check earlier this month. She is also 9-10 years old, and we were worried. In the end she was fine, though she had to have five teeth removed. She was drowsy for a day afterwards and didn't eat much for 3-4 days because her mouth was hurting her, but then she was fine. I would make sure you are prepared to give her a liquid diet for a few days in case she can't eat easily.
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I know what a worry it can be but I'm sure she'll be fine. Jaffa had to have a dental last spring (he was nearly 9 then) and I was worried about leaving him as he's a very timid cat and hates going to the vets (and I'd never left him there before since he was neutered at 5 months). He was absolutely fine though and returned with lovely clean teeth and no ill effects from the anaesthetic. He tucked into his supper as soon as he returned and you'd never know he'd had an anaesthetic the same day. I'm sure Villy will do as well and come out of it just fine
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Thanks, I'll have plenty of wet food ready for her so she doesn't have to chew.

I think I probably make it worse for her as I get nervous and she probably picks up my vibes. Cat's know what we're feeling don't they, they are very clever. I've tried to fake calm but it's not so easy!!
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Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
I think I probably make it worse for her as I get nervous and she probably picks up my vibes. Cat's know what we're feeling don't they, they are very clever. I've tried to fake calm but it's not so easy!!
I totally agree, also I dont think it helps when the cat-basket comes out - any sign of it and all mine whizz off like little meerkats down a burrow
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Odo's 14 and had a dental in November. He had two fangs pulled, as one was broken and one was developing an infection. Dental care is very important, as bad teeth can allow bacteria to enter the blood stream. Just make sure your vet is using the most up-to-date anesthetics, like isoflurane or sevoflurane and propofol for induction--they are easier on the kidneys. And be sure that your cat receives a pain medicine, like Buprenex, during the surgery. Don't be afraid to ask the vet to go over what medications will be used.
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sending vibes your way - Villy will be alright!!!!! Keep up your spirits.
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It is so hard for us, isn't it? However, just think how happy your baby will be to see you when it's all over!!

My girl is 10 and I've had her teeth cleaned every year since I've had her (8 years) and she's done fine. Your kitty will thank you for getting his teeth taken care of.

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Hi everyone, thank you for your kind words.
I dropped Villy off at the vets this morning, I felt like the meanest person in the world, she was hiding at the back of her carrier and shaking a little.
I know it's for her own good but it's so difficult!
She might be having her op right now...... I've got to call the surgery between 2 & 3 to seen when we can pick her up.
I really hope she's not too scared and I hope she doesn't think I'm a mean meowmy. Sending stay calm feel happy vibes to you Villy, lots of kisses, chin scritches, cheek rubs and belly rubs too!
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for you and best wishes for Villy.
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It's really hard to leave them but I think we take it worse then them sometimes. It will be better to have her teeth cleaned so she'll have less problems later.
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from my kitty crew and some mega-calming (((((vibes))))) for sweet Villy. I think you need a brandy to calm you too

Keep us posted, I am sure it will go just fine..........
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Hi everyone, thanks for your vibes. I called the vets at 1.30, an hour and a half early but hey! She's in recovery now, all sleepy but coming round. My H2B has to call at 3/3.30 to see when he can collect her.
I hope this afternoon goes fast at work so that I can go home and fuss her!
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That's great news!! thanks for the update...I'm sure she'll be happy to come home as well
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I hope everything went well. I've been posponing Grizzlies dental surgery but I take another cat in this week so I will enquire about getting that scheduled.
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Glad she is OK and will be home soon.
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Hi everyone, she came home last night, a bit sleepy, dozy and really restless. She had some dinner. She was a bit out of character, not as talkative as usual, poor girl, she was probably feeling a bit strange. She has six teeth out in all. SIX! She has to stay in for 2 days, has antibiotics and no biscuits, just wet food for 5 days.
She has a check up next monday.
Thanks for your support everyone, it really helped!
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just checking she has been a brave girl - 6 teeth

Heres some scritches and head-butts for the sweetie

Hope shes back on top form soon
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