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tearing there toys open

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ok well i continuosly have to buy kittie toys which i do anyways because ok i spoil my kitties i think maybe i have been to a store maybe one time and didnt buy them anything but anyways i got those little mice toys and well it took about 2 minutes to rip that apart and its not normal stuffing inside i am really hoping that u guys no waht i am talking bout because i just cant seem to find the words to describe it well the on set of mice that i got it i think made with cardboard well the ones my mom bought i think was maybe plastic but i may be wrong, but bella and stormie literally tear them open all of their toys stuffing or not i am so tired of clenaing up toys or well broken/opened toys but these mice have me worried a little more than what the toys with stuffing do?? Should I be this worried, i feel bad because they both LOVE these toys and i just take them away because I am so worried so any advice is great and thanx in advance!!!
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Sounds like they are doing what is part of their nature in dealing with live prey. Unfortunately, most cat toys aren't made to handle "disemboweling". You might have to resort to getting dog toys as they seem to be better constructed.
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i agree with gemlady. Might need to invest in some better toys, maybe toys that aren't stuffed at all, lol.
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see tho thats the thing we have dog toys but they want the small toys although i got these things that remind me of jax so stormie can play fetch and those are ok and so are the balls, but then bella is left out so i just dont know what to buy bella i am working on a cat tree tho so i will have to see if i get any money for my birthday next week whats funny is i hid some of the toys and ill be da**ed but they went and found thme i dont kno which one it was tho i found them on my floor the next morning it is funny sometimes with their toys and I really would hate to see what they would do with live prey see i gotta keep them occupied with the toys well at least stormie because I do have 2 guniea pigs and a rabbit and when stormie gets bored with her toys she goes to play with them, mind u she just started this and i am teaching her that they are her friends she does sleep on their cages well she used to when she first came, my kitten is maturing such little brats I have !!! any one have any ideas on any neat little toys i can buy them that will ocupie them????
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I don't have a problem with Ling and Charlie and small kitty toys ----- the problem lies with Keno - she's the one that tears them up and destroys them. That's why we only give her bones or rawhide.....but she still manages to find and kill the kitty toys....any suggestions on how to stop the dog from destroying them ?
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i use recyled things for many of her toys so that they get destroyed and i am fine: paper, paper cord knots, balled up socks, hair scrunchies.

I needle felt mice for mine too and when they get too roughed up I just re needle them until they are tight and compact again.

Sounds like your cats are good hunters , just as they are supposed to be.
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