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what's your #1 question about cats?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum here, but not to cats! (Currently have a super-human strengthed Bombay cat named Gizmo).

Anyway, I'd like to know your #1 question about cats so that I can address it in my new book I'm writing. I don't want to post any links to web forms for fear of this being deleted.

If you'd prefer to submit anonymously, please PM me.

Of course, I'll send you a free copy for helping me out.


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im sorry I dont have pming yet but there are so many questions out there but the one that i hear the most and have even went through in my head was the sex's of cats and if u already have one which is better to get 2 males, 2 females, or one of each and such! That is a question that I see alot !!! But I am sure that I will have more questions for u and I am sure other people will too !!!

o and also is it better to get an older cat or a younger cat ??
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okay. thank you.

keep 'em coming.

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In what genre do you want these questions? Generalised, behavioral etc? A little clarification might help

If you're not sure what is allowed, PM one of the mods to explain and ask for their advice
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My main question has to be What do cat's remember (how long is their memory span). Both of my cats are Shelter Cats and I would like to know if they remember the trauma thay suffered befor being rescued. I hope they only remember being my loved pets.
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I wanted to keep the questions broad. I know many people have behavioral type questions, however I have been receiving many different categories of questions as well.
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