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HELP my cats pooping everywhere

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My Boyfriends cat Roger keeps pooping everywhere he is about 10 years old and has used a litter tray in the past, but for as long as we can remember ( About 3 months ) everyday we get home from work we have a little present waiting for us. The litter tray is in the shed. It looks like he is weeing in it just not pooping. We also have 4 other cats so we are not sure if its them weeing but we are pretty sure it Roger. We took him to the vets a few weeks ago because he became very scared of everything and the vet removed some teeth and he seemed better but he was still pooping everywhere. Please if anyone can give advice we would be gratful.
Thanks Jodie
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oh heck thats not nice to come home to and such a worry
Are you up to date with kits worming tabs ? worms are one thing that can cause this problem and if it persists then you really need to get him to the vets .
Can you think of anything else different, changing food for example.
Hope he´s better soon Keep us posted
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Have you changed anything latley? (food, litter?)

You may also want to put up another litterbox. It is recommended that you have 1 litterbox per cat.
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This has been going on for a while now, before Christmas I found that he had some sort of growth on the side of his gums. Around this time he was very timid and scared of everyone ...even me. A trip to the vet sorted the gum problem and to date there has been no reoccurance. During the time of the gum problem he started to soil in the house but only poop, no urinating. I put a tray down for him which he used. After the prob was sorted I removed the tray and for a while he did his poops outside.

The problem now is that he is now more often pooping in the house again, all seems well with him ie not scared, no sign of pain if I hold him and he is very friendly.

He has always been a bit of a daft cat and has a bit more character than the other cats we have. I beggining to think that since the initial problem of soiling he has become comfortable with doing it inside rather than out.

If you think giving him a fresh dose of worming tabs will help I'll go and get some asap ?


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Perhaps you could put the tray back down for him to use and see if that helps any.

Maybe he doesn't want to co-mingle with the other cats to use the regular boxes.

Maybe he just liked having a box for himself.
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I agree about the litterbox. Maybe even putting down a couple in various places. Maybe he's eliminating in the house due to it's conveince?, if you put a couple of boxes in the house it will give him more options.
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