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Book hunks! and babes!

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My best friend is returning an extremely overdue library book to me (lucky I'm a librarian) and its by one of my favourite authors Janet Evanovich.
Now, the reason I love her books is largely because of a certain couple of men in stephanie plum's life. Ranger and Morelli, all I can say is
Also on the hunk list, any lead male in a Mary Janice Davidon book, those vampires *Spike from Buffy* are just so... ahem... deep and ... great thinkers... and conversationalists.
Plus, oddly enough Greebo in human from from the terry pratchett books.
Now, I know I've forgotten some so please contribute your personal literary dream boat/bad boy, I want to see if we have any in common.
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I've just been going through the J.D. Robb series with Eve Dallas as a police lieutenant and her hunky rich hubby Roarke. The series starts with "Origin in Death" (I believe) and there are a number of them. I've been keeping our local library crazy trying to get them all in at various times. Unfortunately I've not been able to read them all in order, but I'm enjoying them immensely.

I have to agree with you - Ranger and Morelli are "delicious". Talk about fiction writing!
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