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Spooky and her babies.

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Annie strays from the bedroom hide-away to see what's cooking in the kitchen

lazy eyes after hard play and sibling rivalry

eating on the counter, so mom doesn't get addicted to the "good stuff" again

getting ready for the move. Please don't forget us!
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momma's boy

momma's boy

momma's boy
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awe sooooooooo PRECIOUS and ADORABLE MORE PLEASE just sooo cute
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They are such adorable little fluffs!
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Yes.. I will take momma and the 2 babies. Oh wait... what was that you said... -you said you arent giving them away-? Ok... tell me how much......
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Oh my gosh they are so adorable!
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In my siggy ... Easy is the Mother to the rest of the cats. Your pics bring back so many memories of when mine were kittens. Takes LOADS of pics.
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Adorable little kittens. They're soo cute!!
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their new sleeping place is on the blanket folded up on the top of the sofa. It's soft and warm and high up!

Eleanor enjoying some floor time.

The whole family.

More fun in boxes. We moved just in december.
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Goodness! How precious are they!!
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oh my! kittens are just waaaaaay too cute. <3
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Where's the cuteness alert?

They are darling... the tabby looks like a little troublemaker, but I suppose the pictures prove he's just a momma's boy. How sweet!
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Oh my! That pic of them sleeping in the box together...... that's too much. I will just take that box for you so it won't be in the way......
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What cute babies!
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Oh my!!! What adorable babies!

And Spooky is just so precious!
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