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Emmys tonight

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I know this is late, with the show being less than 2 1/2 hours away, but I was wondering who people are rooting for? Anyone else planning on watching it?

I watch the awards shows as much to see all the fashions as anything else. Tonight I am rooting for Six Feet Under and Band of Brothers. I'm sure BOB will win most of what they are nominated for, it was such an amazing miniseries. SFU has some pretty stiff competition in all the categories, especially since it isn't a real mainstream show. I don't really watch the comedies so I don't have opinions on those...
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I will watch the show...for the fashions, etc, but I can't say who I will vote for because I am not up on who and what shows are nominated.

I do know that Matthew Perry is up for Lead Actor in a comedy series and I hope he wins. He is a RIOT! Chandler is my "favorite" Friend!
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Oh Pooh, I missed it! Hubby wanted to watch "Blade" again.
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I caught most of it. Did anyone else notice that there were a lot of plunging neck lines? I did not like the leather tux jacket that Bernie Mac was wearing. I haven't decided if I liked Conan hosting. I am glad that the West Wing wone best drama. I am disappoint that Martin Sheen did not win best actor. I wanted Jennifer Garner from Alias to win best actress.
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I wasn't all that impressed with the dresses this year, overall. They just all seemed kinda "blah." I thought Conan did OK, although the little skits in the first hour were really, really dumb. That's not his fault.

I was really rooting for Six Feet Under, but after a few categories where West Wing won everything it was pretty clear that my show wasn't going to do that well. It was nice that they actually didn't give everything to Fraser again. It's a good show and all, but other shows are good too. Both of us got all choked up when Band of Brothers won and they showed all the real men of Easy Company, and Dick Winters gave the acceptance speech. That was the best part of the show, IMO.
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I don't get 6 feet under here - I would love to see it - it looks great!
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