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An important message to all the parents of small children...

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I just got an e-mail from my SIL. My niece Scarlett, who is two, some how managed to get her hands on her diet pills. She spent a night in the hospital and is going to be fine, but my SIL learned a very important lesson. If you get medicine that doesn't have a child-proof container you need to lock it up! I know this may seem like common sense, but all it really takes is leaving stuff like that out for a second for your little one to get sick.

Thanks for reading!
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I did this also as a child, I actually climbed a shelf and ingested my aunt's entire package of Dexatrim, needless to say I got my stomach pumped, so yeah, LOCK UP any meds, prescription or OTC, don't assume the child doesn't know where they are or can't get to them, great PSA, Heather, never hurrts to put a reminder out there
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I'm glad to hear that she's going to be ok!

Thank you for this thread, it's a good reminder to everyone.
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Ohmygosh!!! That is so scary. You SIL must have been so scared! I'm really glad your niece will be ok though.

Thank you so much for the reminder!
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I agree compleetly. When I was young my brother saw my mom's coal oil lantern with the orange colored fuel and thought it was orange juice, he drank it and was imediately sick mom called poison contol and my brother ended up having to have his stomach pumped.

Never take anything for granted
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Yeah it was really scary! I'm glad she's feeling better though.
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Yep, you can't never be to safe around children.

I work at a kindergarden day care, and some of our parents are IDIOTS. They will bring medicine in their childs diaper bags and not tell us it is in there.

They do not read the hand books that are given to them when there child signs up to come to us though, because this is in the handbook. It a child has medicine it is to be given to another teacher and that medicine is then placed in the kitchen, our children are not allowed to go in the kitchen.

When we have found medicine in the childs book bag or diaper bag, we have said something to the parents about it. Their response is "Oh, I didn't know that", I always ask them if they read the handbook. They then look at me like I am something stupid.

This is why I hate dealing with these parents. They are IDIOTS.
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My sister ate some of our grandfather's coumadin (sp?) when she was four. Its a heart medication, not something a four year old should be eating! We had to rush off to the hospital and she got her stomach pumped. My grandfather learned not to leave his medication on the table anymore!
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Nice reminder Heather
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Oh how scary! I'm glad she's going to be ok!
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Yes, that is an excellent reminder for parents of little ones!

If we want to talk about idiotic parents, my all-time topper was the pot-smoking mother who left her dime bag laying around, and her 16 year-old son with a severe mental disability and cerebral palsy ate it...bag and all. That was a DHS nightmare I will soon not forget. As a special education teacher, I feel like sometimes, I see it all!
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Lots of meds look like candy. I'm glad she's O.K.

Cheers, from
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Glad the little girl is going to be okay. Thanks for the reminder.
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