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Ever wish you could get involved?

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Anne posted this thread in the feral forum. Laurie is right, this columnist needs a reality check. If anyone would like to write to him- please just follow your heart.

Misguided is an Understatement!
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I don't want to seem stupid here but, reading the story, is it possible that the man is using the story about the feral cat as a metaphor for the actions of the real Osama Bin Laden? For example, how the council has tried to trap him again and again...
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Thank you for bringing our attention to this. I went and sent this moron an e-mail, I hope others do as well!!!
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EVERYONE here needs to write about this!
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I wish it were so. I wish it was a tongue-in-cheek bad story parelleling the lives of a terrorist to a feral cat. But if you read this man's words he has nothing but contempt for this cat.He talks about throwing items at it, wanting to wring it's neck and is literally saying that because it scratched a kid who got to close to a wild animal and got scratched, the cat should sacrifice its right to be alive. What responsible parent would allow a child to get close to a strange cat? And what we don't know is the rest of the story that perhaps this child did something to scare the cat?

For the paper to run this story with it's garish headline just shows they want to sell their worthless sheet. They seem to disregard what the name Osama does to all the people living in the United States still coming to grips with 9/11. They are just as accountable for bad taste as the author of that sad piece.
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That article is not journalism!I really don`t understand what he is trying to say.What is the message on that writing? It is something political or he hates animals or both.Something is wrong in that person, I think.
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Just sent this "journalist" my thoughts on his column. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell him EXACTLY what I thought of him. I just hope he realizes how wrong it was to write this and somehow tries to make up for it.
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Christy, you did it so admirably too! Thank you for all the ferals who cannot speak for themselves. Let's hope that some of the these messages get through to the person on the other end.
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I would call him a few things but I don't want to be kicked off the board!

I too sent him an email letting him know exactly what I think of him and his opinions. I wonder how many people he affected with that story in a negative way? Probably way too many...
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I'm SOOOOOO GLAD so many people wrote in! Yeah TCS!!!!

I got a reply from Mr. Horsely himself, asking what he should do about the cat! I posted in the ferals form, and Hissy's getting back to me right now. Just thought I'd keep you posted.

Dare we pray for a happy ending?

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