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What do your kitties weigh?

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I weighed the kitties tonight - haven't done that in ages!

Smudge now weighs in at 2.5kg (5lb 8oz) and was 340g (12oz) when we got her, Stumpy is 3.5 kg (7lb 11oz) and Lily surprisingly weighs the most at 3.7kg (8lb 2oz).

Lily is so long and lean, whereas Stumpy is more stocky so I thought she'd weigh more. I guess Lily is a pretty solid cat and because she IS so long, it makes her that bit heavier. Stumpy doesn't have a tail either, so that's got to make up for a LITTLE bit

What about your kitties?
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JinJin will have to remain a mystery...she would never allow a weigh in! I just weighed Sabina, and she's a touch over 13lbs! She's just about 9 months old!
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Jamie weighs a whopping 14.5 lbs (6.6 kgs), so he's on a diet.
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Mister - 16lbs
Missy - 12 lbs
Spalding - 12lbs
Baker - 11lbs
Spritzer - 10lbs
Scampi - 10lbs
Betsy - 10lbs
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Buffy is 7 pounds, 8 pounds during winter, Willow is a steady 9 pounds (she'd probably be 10.5 pounds if she wasn't always such a nervous wreck, lol), and Molly is 11 pounds, but I want to get her down to 10 pounds.
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Hmmmm lets see:

Lou = 13.2lbs, 6kg
Tuah = 12lbs, 5.5kg
Stevie = 11lbs, 5kg
Donny = 9.9lbs, 4.5kg
Grandpa = 11lbs, 5kg
Dodo = 8.8lbs, 4kg (she's pregnant)
Reecie = 6.6 lbs, 3kg (a bit underweight but she's nursing)
Tam Tam = same as Dodo - not pregnant, just fat
Milo = same as Dodo
Mocha = same as Donny
The babies are averaging 800 grams = 1.7lbs!!!

And that's the crew!!!
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(a little on the rough side)

Molly - about 4 kgs (8lbs)
Bobby - about 4.5 kgs (9lbs)
Slayer - about 2.5 kgs (5lbs - and yes, she's fully grown at that).
Sláine - about 4.5 kgs (9lbs)
Talin - probably 2 ish kgs - but still a kitten
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At last weigh in

Scully 20.5lbs
Bumper 16lbs
Boomer & Magnum 11lbs each

Bumps could do with losing a lb or two, the vet says he is just a big cat, Scully still has 6lbs to lose, but he is getting older and we have already managed to get him down by almost 13lbs so I am not pushing it too much anymore, he is still alot healthier than when we got him!

Magnum (like every winter) has put on a few pounds lately but I haven't weighed him
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Monkey is about 11 pounds
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Wow!! Sabina is a very big girl

Last time we weighed Reilly he was 13 lbs and I tried an at home weighing of Sydney and she looked to be about 6/7 lbs (9 months)
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Mine are good big Canadian cats... they need the warmth for the winter. (at least that's the excuse i'm using)
Duke is 24 lbs (yes I know he's on a diet)
Sibohan is 11 lbs and her weight has always been between 10 and 14 lbs depending on the vet's scale.
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Lucky weighs 7 lbs. I'm not used to having such a light cat. (My previous ones were almost twice his weight) He doesn't look that light because of his fluffy fur, but when I pick him up, its like picking up air. The vet said he's fine, but she wouldn't mind if he put on another pound or 2.
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Tavia weighs 11 pounds or atleast that was at her last vet appointment.
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Mine are each 10-11 lbs.
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Bijou - 16 and a bit lbs.
Mika - 8 and a bit lbs.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Bijou - 16 and a bit lbs.
Mika - 8 and a bit lbs.
That's too funny! Aren't they brother and sister?

8-Bit and Scratch are about 13lbs each.

At 3am they sound like African Elephants though... I wonder how that's possible.
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Quill is 15lbs, more or less and he needs to go on a diet. He's gained about a pound and a half since we adopted him but it's mostly muscle.
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Dexter is my big boy at 16 lbs.
His sister Sadie is a petite 10 lbs.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
That's too funny! Aren't they brother and sister?
They are - same male/female parents - but from different litters. Their mom and dad are not large cats at all, but Bijou is a big boy. Mika was the runt so I understand her being small, but Bijou boggles my mind. The thing is, he's not "fat", he's very muscular. Hubby measured him when he was getting the cat tree measurements settled and Bijou is 16" long (not including tail of course) and he stands 13" high at the top of his shoulder.
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Leopold - 13lbs (stocky/muscular, bordering on chunky though)
Beandip - 12lbs (long and lean, could easily gain a few lbs and not be fat)
Junior - 8.5lbs ...small for a boy
Momma - 8lbs

These girls are littermates

Pumpkin - 8lbs ...still growing, rapidly!
Paisley - 7.5lbs ...still growing
Precious - 6lbs ...still growing
Pixel - 5.2lbs ...the runt but still growing
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My domestics:
Aurora=13 pounds
Lil Roar=14.5 pounds
Tommy Boy=18 pounds
Cinnamon=9 pounds

My exotics:
Amber=28 pounds
Boris=40 pounds
Nakoma=approx 50-55 pounds
Carmelo=100+ pounds (I have not weighed him in awhile)
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Sophia is 8 lbs. on a good day
Severino is 13 lbs in a very compact body
Joey is 15 lbs.
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Ok John, you win!!

Eithne - I had no idea how big Scully was! What did he weigh at his heaviest? Have you got any pics where you can really see his size?
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Poptart is 17lbs
Gordito is 16lbs
Nacho is 15lbs
Orion is 14bs (he gained ALOT since he was neutered, he was only 9lbs before the neuter)
And Cappy baby is 7lbs at 7 (almost 8) months old.
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Molly is 10lbs
Lucky is 15lbs
Ben is around 7lbs. He was 5 when we got him
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Ceci weighs no more than 8lbs (her vet record doesnt say and I havent had a reason to take her to the vets), and Samantha weighs no more than 5lbs.

Samantha is slightly to very underweight, so shes getting canned and kibble. She is going to be a very big girl, she just needs proper nutrition
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Smallest is just shy of 7#, biggest is about 13#. Most are in the 9-11# range.
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I don't know the exact weights of everyone. But I do know that the heaviest is Sammy, I weighed him the other day and he was 13.4 lbs. Bean is the lightest, he's only 3 lbs. right now. When I got him he was under a pound.
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Lily 10 years is 9 lbs 3 oz. (and chunky)
Annie Rose 3 years 5 lbs
Kitten 1 year was 7 lbs 1 oz last time she was weighed but has lost alot since Bagheera died.
Nazumi 8 months was 15 lbs 6 oz last time he was weighed and he's filled out more since then. I really need to weigh them again.
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Trout is 2 and only weighs 7lbs. I'm pretty sure any cat here could whoop her
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