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The meowing machine

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My dad does not want an inside cat. I was lucky to be able to get one (Twix), but she has to stay outside. Sometimes when my dad is gone, my mom and I bring her inside for short periods of time. (I know, I know. Sneaky, huh? ) She loves being inside, and if she had her way, she would be inside all the time. Unfortunately, she is not allowed inside when my dad is home. We put her outside, but she climbs up our deck and sits in from of the sliding door (which opens up in to our main kitchen area) meowing. (It's a pitiful sight! Her mouth opens up so wide!) I open the door, pick her up, and after a big hug, I let her back outside the front door on the opposite side of the house. Minutes later, she reappears, meowing once again. What exactly will stop this behavior? Is it possible for her to realize that out means out and in is a treat? I don't particularily want to stop bringing her in. She's extremely neat and sits at the door to be let out to eat or go potty in her litter box. (You fellow cat lovers will probably be able to sympathize with me on the bringing-her-in issue. Cats are really enjoyable to have in the house.)
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Can you not talk to your Mom and make her aware of all of the dangers for outside cats? There are plenty, including diseases, cars, horrible people, other animals just to name a few. Maybe Mom can talk Dad into letting your little girl be inside from now on?
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Hmmm...Maybe you should let her rub around him for a while.

Most Men can't resist a cute kitty for long!
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Is there some other man whom he respects who could talk to him and make him realize you don't have a cat, just a part-time stray, and it's cruel to expect it to live outside like that and not have it NOT show up one day because of some danger outside. What is it that he's so against about the cat anyhow? Maybe he had a bad experience once with another cat, but to assume yours will be the same is very unfair.
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