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cat biting privates

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A few months ago i offered to take my friends cat in. He's male, unneutered, 2 or 3 years old. I have a spayed 1 1/2 year old female already, so when i first got the male i kept him in a separate room and slowly introduced them. Well... i guess you can say im still in the introduction process. I have to still keep him separated. I let him out everyday and at first he's good. But within 20 minutes he goes crazy. He pins my female down on her back and repeatedly tries to (and sometimes succeeds) bite her groin area. I refuse to keep this cat anymore if he isn't fixed, so i'm pretty much waiting on my friend to give me at least half the money to get the surgery. Would not being neutered make him bite her in this area? What is he trying to do?! I can understand biting her neck. There's also a few stray cats i take care of outside, so he could be picking up scents. BUT WHY BITE HER DOWN THERE?! Has anyone else seen this?
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Yes, this behavior is in direct relation to the fact he is unneutered. Even though your girl is spayed, it is best right now to keep this boy away from her as the repeated attempts to mate her are not only frustrating for her, but for him as well ... and the more frustrated he gets, the more aggressive he will become. If it were me (it is not me, but if it were) in the same position, I wouldn't wait for the money from the friend. Just go ahead and get this poor little guy fixed now and worry about getting straight with the friend later.
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After he's neutered will the behavior stop immediately? Or would it take some time? I'm just concerned because he's older, and i've never had a cat who went more than 7 months before having reproductive surgery.
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No, it won't stop immediately. It normally takes some time (we usually advise about a month) for the hormones to exit his system after he is neutered.

Is he also spraying? Is he aggressive with people too? Since he is older, these behaviors are more ... ingrained now. It is a real possibility that they will not stop at all even after he is neutered. It depends on the cat.
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He's not aggressive with people, he greets complete strangers, rolls over for everybody. He's really sweet, i hope his behavior will stop because he's so nice. I've had him for two months, last month i was going to bring him for surgery but something came up and i couldn't afford it. I'll hopefully be able to go in feb.

As for the spraying, when i first had him he sprayed for maybe a week. And it was only when he went to the bathroom. He doesn't do it anymore.

Thanks for all your help, ive asked alot of people about this and they just look at me like im crazy.
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Well, then I must be crazy too! *grin* I have an intact male Blue Point Siamese, Tonka (he's in my signature below) who sprays. But then, I am a breeder and am prepared with a suitable set up for him. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to have an intact male cat just running around the house.
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We had an unneutered cat once. Thankfully we didn't have any females or else this might have happened. (I'm sure we never would have, though... he had run of the neighborhood at night and probably, er, satisfied himself there. )We still ended up having a major spraying problem even after he got neutered. After he peed inside my dad's gym bag he got taken to the humane society. Poor Scruffy.
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