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Allergies, Fur, Vet Recs.

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So, not too long ago I posted about how Marishka had a bald spot on her arm, but couldn't find a reason; no scratching, redness, bumps, anything that I could really find at all. Well, I've noticed that she is losing some fur on one of her back legs, and now a few tiny spots on another leg. I'm getting worried, and want to go ahead and take her to the vet. I'm thinking maybe allergies after reading heidiinny's thread a few down, especially with the red eyes and the crusties she's been having some problems with pretty badly (I'm cleaning it with an eye wipe once weekly which doesn't seem to help much).

Is there anything that is a common food allergy that I may be missing, to bring up? She's eating Natural Balance reg. formula dry with Fancy Feast wet, sadly still the only wet she'll touch, but it's better than nothing. However I'm worried that there may be something in it that might cause these problems?

Does anything else come to mind when reading about her problems? The only other thing is that she is using the ScoopFree litter box that uses the silica gel litter (Fresh Step, I believe). Would this cause any concern...I'm trying to cover all my bases

Thanks for any help,
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Some of the Fancy Feast flavors have wheat, which is a common allergen. Chicken allergens aren't uncommon either--just about anything in the food could be a potential allergen, so it can be hard to tell. You can try switching to the Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea for several weeks to see if that helps, but I would definitely recommend a vet visit first to rule out other problems. Also, are there any new stresses or changes in her life?
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I would try California Natural Chicken and Rice or Herring and Sweet Potato first. These have simple ingredients and are a good way of eliminating wheat and corn from the cat's diet.

My girl continued to have problems on the chicken and rice and now eats Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner.

PetGuard also makes a Rabbit and Rice canned food that you might try. It does sound as if your cat has allergies.

Good luck.
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Thank you to both of you for your help : )

I do believe that the store where I get Marishka's food does carry the California Natural, but I may be thinking of the wet food. Some of the natural markets here in town have let me know that they do carry the petguard, as well. The only one I can't find locally is the venison and pea, which I thought was a good transition since she is already on the Natural Balance anyway.
I'm going to give the vet a call and see what she thinks before I bring her in to the clinic, and try some of these new foods in the meantime. Should I totally cut off the Fancy Feast?

Gizmocat, does your girl have food allergies? How did you discover this, did she have symptoms or something?

Thanks again, guys : )
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Common allergy symtoms to food are ,....

excessive grooming( ie biting at a spot )

ear inflamation or chronic infection...

rear end scooting
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