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stupid homeowner's association

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For the past few weeks, we have been getting letters tellling us to get rid of the weeds in our yard. Ok, no problem, right? Well, we have a pesty weed called nutgrass. So, I go out there practically every other day or every 2 days & pull that &#(% up. Well, the trouble with nutgrass, is that they have runners attached to the roots which makes them spread. So, no matter how much I pull them up, they still come up Yesterday, I got a letter stating that on 9/18/02 they did another inspection & they said NO ONE at our residence has attempted to get rid of them, and now the damned board may fine us! There is another guy down the street from us, & he has it worse than us, and he is also a policeman. Wonder if they are doing anything about him? So, now, I have to HIRE someone to come out & spray for us. IT just irritates me that they wrote that no one tried to get the weeds out. So, on Monday, I am calling them & am going to tell them that I have pulled the weeds out & if they try to fine me, I wont pay. Hopefully, the company I called will be out this week sometime. If you ask me, part of the money that we pay every quarter, should be used for weed control on residential, and not just their stupid little parks.
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Boy that sucks! To have to spend money on something like that! I hope it doesn't cost you alot! I would be angry to if I tried to get rid of them and then was told I had done nothing!
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Tigger, you must be so cross! Have you spoken to your neighbors about what they have done about the nutgrass? If worse comes to worst and you do have to hire someone, maybe you and your neighbors could all get their gardens done and share the cost?

A quick and cheap solution that will work is to smother weeds or any other unwanted plant, place several sheets of wet newspaper on the plants like a mat, then anchor the edges so that light cannot penetrate the cover; camouflage with wood chips or mulch. Once the weeds have died, remove the newspaper. This might just keep the council happy!
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I dont think we can split the cost. It costs me $75, I think; I don't remember because I haven't had them come out for about 2 years now. But, it's worth it, because it stops all weeds from growing. The newspaper idea sounds good to me .............
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Isn't there any type of weed killer that you can buy and spray yourselves? Might save you some money.
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Actually, there is............ I might have to stop @ Home Depot or Lowe's after work. I know if I have GreenKeeper come out, they also put a pre-emergent that completely stops the weeds from coming back. I've seen another brand at HD, but it's like $45.00
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Bill and I use Spectracide. Bill calls ir "Agent Orange" because it does such a good job. It is inexpensive and works quickly. Whatever you do - DON'T waste money on Roundup. The weeds thrive on that.
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My home owners association meeting is today.......

I'm keeping my mouth shut!

I tend to get myself in trouble!
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