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Litter Box Recommendations

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Hi everyone-

It's been a while since I've been back here, but I remember how helpful everyone was when my kittens were suck it seemed like the logical place to come back to for advice.

First off, my kittens are almost a year old now and as healthy as can be after many trips to the vet when I first got them at 8 weeks- so thank you all for your help and support.

When I first got them, I got one of those nice, but super expensive, litter boxes that is a self cleaner. Well let me tell you what a rip off it is. First, the motor on the thing that cleans it keeps jamming and makes a god awful noise. Second, with two cats the bin fills up so quickly it's almost impossible to maintain. And its pretty much an ordeal to change the plastic "liner" they require you to get. I'm thinking of simply going back to the traditional litter box and scooping.

Anyway, I guess what I am getting at is simply can anyone recommend a litterbox they are happy with in managing two cats?

Thanks in advance for your help. And Brooklyn and Morgan thank you too!
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I have just a plain old covered one from Dollar General, but if I weren't a broke college student I would get one of these:

It is self-cleaning in that you spin it around and then get the tray out, but has no motor or anything that would break.
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Honestly- this is what we use as a litter box-

A rubbermaid tote. They work awesome, especially if your cats are the type who like to dig in their litterboxes and fling litter EVERYWHERE, like my boys! The sides are high enough that they are able to dig to their hearts content, but low enough for them to jump into. I've also realized that after having this, and having to jump in, they don't just go in to play in the litter. They use it when they have to use it, not to play!
I also like using these because my boys liked to scratch at the walls after using the box. But now they just use the sides of the tote, which saves on my walls-since we rent!
Finally- they are CHEAP to replace when needed, and very durable.

With my 2 boys, we have to totes, and it works awesome for us!

I know that other people here have used them as well, I'll never use anything else!
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regular extra deep jumbo boxes here..i have one cover one which is great but I dont like having to remove the cover to clean
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I have the Van Ness enclosed ex-large litter box. I like it and it only cost me $15 at Target. It keeps the odor inside where it belongs and you buy filters to placed on top of the hood.
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This is what ZhaZha is currently using. I'm considering switching to the one that you roll over and it cleans for you but doesn't have a motor or anything.
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I just went to the local Meijer (super grocery store) and bought a $10 plastic tub from the pet department.

We did get the self cleaner too, but it's in the basement due to the fact that 3 of our 4 cats are too big for it and err...misses...otherwise I liked the thing. Just WAY to disgustingly messy.
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I had a self-cleaning one and I believe it's part of the local dump/landfill site now.

We have two covered boxes - a regular one for Mika and a Booda Dome for Bijou - yeah - like they each only use their own.

I love the Booda Dome - it has a little raised ramp (sort of like steps) on the side to enter and exit. The ramp has little bumps which cleans litter off their feet before they exit which keeps litter off the hardwood floors.
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Thread Starter many great recommendations. Thanks for your help everyone!
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We have seven cats and actually use the rubbermaid (or sterlite..which is ever cheaper at the time) totes..the ones that have the really high sides and are usually colored. We cut a hole in the side for them to get into and they work very well. If you have some who don't acutally squat to urinate and occassionally miss the box, these are great because the sides are so high.
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If you can afford it and have the space for it, this, in my opinion, is the best automatic cat litter box available. We have 2 (we have six cats). We also use regular covered (non-automatic) boxes.

For non-automatic litter boxes, this is the best one we've ever had:

It's the "Booda Dome Clean Step" litter box. It has a large area for the litter - but it also has steps on the side that collect the litter that's on their feet as they leave the box. We LOVE this box!

For the automatic litter box, we've had 2 for over 2 years and never ever had a problem with them:

The dome rolls about 7 minutes after that cat uses it. It has a screen that collects the clean litter under it and rolls the poop or pee across it - the dirty stuff falls into a hole and is collected in a drawer. All you do is pull out the drawer and replace the liner! We use 13 gallon garbage bags. They need to be cleaned just like regular litter boxes, but they're also just as easy to clean. They are kind of large - if you consider it, make sure you pay attention to the dimensions.

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