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RIP Rosie and Daisy

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I hope nobody minds me posting this here – Rosie and Daisy were two beautiful doggies I knew who both passed away last week.

Daisy was a kelpie, rescued from a car park by my Auntie and Uncle many years ago. They thought she was about two, skin and bones, and very timid. They took her home with them, loved and nurtured her and she was a part of their family for an amazing 17 years, before she was finally pts last week. She was incredibly loyal, sweet and beautiful, and they loved her dearly. Daisy had an obsession with almonds, and would start drooling if you even went near the cupboard where they were kept! I know she’s munching all the almonds she wants, now, in doggy heaven. She was very much loved, a huge part of my life and will be sadly missed.

Rosie was Max’s sister’s golden retriever. She was 14 years old, and on Glucosamine and cortisone for her failing hips, had lost her voice and so barked with a soundless woof, and was the most loyal, sweet-hearted girl you could imagine. She had the heart of a puppy and even when she struggled to stand, her tail never stopped wagging. A few weeks ago Stephanie (Max’s sister) sat up with Rosie on a bad night, stroking her head, and thanking her for being there throughout her marriage, the birth of both of her children, and asking if she could just hang on for a bit longer, as they knew it was selfish, but they weren’t ready to lose her just yet.

Rosie hung on until last Friday, when she was admitted to hospital with organ failure and other problems, and they made the decision to euthanase her yesterday.

Both families who have lost their beloved dogs are, understandably, shattered, even though they knew their time was coming. I hope you don’t mind me asking you to take a minute to remember beautiful Daisy and Rosie, and wish them well on their way over the Bridge.

RIP angel girls
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I am so sorry to hear about Rosie and Daisy. I know that they are healthy now and running around the Bridge. I hope they find Sambo and play with him too.
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RIP Little ones, run and play, you will have some great fur-friends over the Bridge
My RB dog Roger will surely love to play with you. He´ll help you find the almond trees
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The poor babies

Rosie and Daisy have a wonderful time over at the bridge. Run and play because theres plenty of fields where you are now

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I'm so sorry! Rest peacefully Rosie and Daisy and play happily over the bridge with all the other doggies and kitties.
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Poor babies

Rest in Peace Rosie and Daisy.
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I´m so sorry for this unfortunately lost....

My deep condolences ...

RIP to Rosie and Daisy...
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RIP Rosie and Daisy
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Rest in peace and play Rosie and Daisy - and my condolences to all who miss you.
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RIP Rosie and Daisy. Play happily over the Bridge
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Rest in Peace I'm sure you will both be missed by all
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Condolences to the families who have lost their beloved dogs. Our kitties in heaven will be well guarded
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Rest in Peace little doggies.. We all hope you are having fun playing over the bridge..
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I'm sorry for the loss of Rosie and Daisy. They sound like wonderful dogs and were lucky to have found themselves in such loving and good homes. May they rest in peace and run and play happily during their time at the Rainbow Bridge.
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I was so sorry to read about Daisy & Rosie; what wonderful girls they must have been. Please pass along my deepest condolences to their families.
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