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I got a snow day.....YEAH!!!!http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/love.gif. Shoveled the walkway but got to play with Bindi to his hearts content. He loves his yellow feather turf toy. Tom's doing well but I think Ive felt more lumps then just the two I brought up on the vets. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...es/bawling.gif

Heres more of the story Sala and Ubalorn survive the journey across the great water by killing fish and sea turtles and drinking their blood. One stormy night a ocean storm causes their raft to be dystroyed and they must swim three miles to a tip of land they had seen in dream four nights before the storm. Ubalorn is conviced Mudo is angry at them both for sending a storm to cause them to nearly drown. He cannot speak of Mudo to Sala however without causing her anger. Sala is Atheist of Mudo because she is angry at her and blames her for her real mother Beardago's fall to orginal sin, shaving her legs and arms, Once the seven year olds mother was driven away by angry warrors all of the Three Rivers Clan save Kaban, Sala's older brother and his mother Rakiki, thought of her as less then human, a being without a soul. A shedevil spawn of darkness and Shavenism. Kaban was a youth of 15 then, so sent by their shaman on a dangerous quest he must prove his manhood by driving the witch, Beardago, and her shaving demons away from the people east and west of the Great Rivers of Life.( that was in legond of Beardago but her blaming still carrys on even after all those years have passed) Fortunatly the climb abord the scrap of land and discover prehistoric flordia, the first europeans to see it. Ubalorn and Sala see many animals but no people the land is vast and swampy allagators and snapper truotles as big as houses pose a very real danger. They move up into gerogea and continue on traveling until they reach northern minnesoda, land of the Wonderneigo. On the way Sala is abducted by a cannibal tribe of short faced bear worshippers, they plan to hold her prisonar until the winter fattening her up until the season of Great Dark. When they will scerfice her and give her brains to the short faced bears that come into a sacred valley by a large river called the Mississippiouattia. Her meat they will bucher and cook over their fires and feed to their hunters, women and children. Luckly Ubalorn changes into a Sabertooth and saves her by calling to a nearby tribe of American lions to aid him in his quest to rescue the beautiful Sala from the savages. But they hold him hostage now for the bears the two beg and plead to be allowed to have freedom, finely the leader says they can only be free if they have children and stay over winter until spring, they must then sell all their children to them in extange for meat, weapons and a map to the Wonderneigo camp. They comply to this and next year are on their way. In a strange frightening yet eeriely comforting way Sala is reminded that just like back in her native europe cannibalism exists and that not all people are friendly.

Ubalorn is just glad there's not a Clan of the Shave Aware, he remembers well of Sala last abduction while they were on their mission to his clan. Micbuwe and his hunters had after taking her away from him by force, after she blinded by her lust of Ubalorn, foolishly resisted the idea of waiting for him back at their raft while he went out hunting in enemany terrotory, took her back to their camp as prisonor. Micbuwe tried everything in his power to convert Sala over to their way of life and religion. Shavenism, he wanted her to give up her beard so as to conform to the clan, but Sala knowing that those who fall to shaving sin go to Great Dark and remembering her duty to her old clan and Aba to not to give in to evil, walks alone. Bravely she resists his darkness and frightening rituals of torure until Ubalorn was able to come in the skin of a white dire wolf to trick and fool the Shave Aware shaman into thinking he was a spirit from Great Dark. He rescued her and then they moved back to his people. ( That was in Rivers of Rightage)

Anyway they travel through a land of vast oak savannahs, beeech and elm trees and giant grasslands sporting uncountable milluons of Bision, Elk prionghorn, Grizzly bears, American Lions, Smilodons, short faced bears, wildcats,tigers, panthers, clombion mammoths, horses, camals, asses,/ encountering more people some of them friendly others not. They are seen as evil because of their strange looks and beards, and must learn quickly to tell friend from foe. Sala is feeling her age and Ubalorn can no longer hunt as well as he used to they know they unless they can find the Wonderneigo their days are numbered. ( to be continued.)
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

Hey, that's great you had a day with your furpals! Sounds good to me...those are my favorite times of all, too!

Don't be dejected about Tom -- cysts do come and go, and the benign ones are just that -- harmless.

Great second installment -- I love the way you make the felids the GOOD guys, of course!!!
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Thanks, but what did you mean by 'Felids?' http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif I researched Prehistoric North America and Europe. The people/wildlife,climate it was really cool. Tom is going back to the vet for a boster on the 13th, so your right I have little to worry of. Can't wait for warmer weather so I can take Bindi out with me on adventures in the park by the river, also want to see if I can talk my dads girlfriend into more substational planting of natives, she was talking about it last summer, also cannot wait for my natives I planted in the garden last year to come up. jack in the pulpit,varginal bluebells,bloodroot,

I researched online a collage that my art teacher, from high school went to. It was complex to learn about but I did my best. I found out they offer classes for teachers and art. so it looks hopeful and its close to the one my dad wanted me to go to was a collage for people with Autism yet sadly it was quite far away, I will look at one collage a wekks for 8 weeks before making a choice.

Tommarow I will write/talk more to you if your on here/ and research early man and come up with story plots.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

Sounds like Tom's in good hands, definitely! And I hope it warms up soon for you and Bindi, too -- walks by the river sound great. The plants you talk of sound so beautiful -- they don't grow here in the desert or in Southern Cali, of course, but my mom was from Illinois and she used to tell me about those plants. I've seen them in pictures and on tv and stuff, of course, and they are beautiful, I know. Good luck with that!

"Felids" -- hmmm, sounds like "felines" a bit, doesn't it? The genus felidae encompasses all of the ones we call cats! So the lions, tigers, panthers, jaguars, leopards, pumas, "domestic" cats, and many more, are all felids.

Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you shopping-wise (for colleges). I'm doing the same thing on trying to find a better community for my dad. He has memory impairment and is in an assisted-living community. I want one closer to where I'll be moving, and I want a larger room for him, better food, and other improvements he won't have where he is. Yesterday he got turned down for the one I had my heart set on. So we're back to square one, and it's really stress-out time. Trying not to, but it's kind of to be expected -- all the talking and negotiations and meetings and all that are connected with this, wear me out. But anyway.

I love archaeology and sociology and studies about early humans AND animals (I was a dinosaur freakie and still am interested in them), too. Can't wait for your next installment!

Have a great day...best to Bindi and Tom!
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Hi, We decided on a less risky course of action as far as education goes. instead of immersion into collage right away, I'm going to have a tutior over the summer and go to a learning center probably sometime next year. Before going to a closer collage in my area. ( the learning center is the one that starts with S, and is avertized on TV cannot remember how to spell the name) The goal is to bring my Math, ect, scores up, I think when I was last tested at the collage at 19 I was going through emotional puberity with various brain parts and so wasn't really up for math and other types of work, now though this year my math has gotten better then my 5th/6th grade level. I think its scary that was so low at such an advanced age. but I think partly this has been because of schooling in speical ed, they can shelter the students there too much. I wasnt even dognosed with Autism until I was almost 12, I spent most of my early grade years in speical ed EBD because of bad PCA role models, and the school's sick and stupid money scam about Autism programs. Its cheaper to lump the students together in one program then give them the help they need. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima.../angryfire.gif

Bindi and Tom are doing well Bindi did a naughty thing today while I was trying to repot one of my houseplants, he climbed on my back with claws unsealthed.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif. I got the plant taken care of and cleaned up the potting soil mess, so it wasnt too bad. I played with Bindi some and harness trained him for a bit. Me and my dad went out to buy a bigger pot and to get some computer stuff I have someone wiorking with me tonight maybe I'll go to the blookstore.

I was refearing to felids in terms of what you thought about my story, I missled you to cats I guess.
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Hey Panther, Bindi bad boy, and Tom:

Hey, hope the battlescars aren't too deep! He's in a wild mood today, eh?

Oh, I was just meaning that in your story all of the cats are GOOD characters, which I appreciate, of course! I get really mad when I read or see anything where cats of any kind are portrayed as villains, or dissed, or mistreated in any way. I go ballistic! As far as I'm concerned, ancient Egyptian culture had the right idea -- hurt a cat, you're history! I'd bring that policy back myself, if I could....

Sounds good on the educational front and I can empathize about the bad educational policy....Hey, you don't even want to know about math and me! lol If it wasn't for my calculator...!

Calm down, Bindi boy. Dinner is coming soon!
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Bindi had his Dinner, some raw chicken turkey and canned Innova evo and no the battle scars were not too deep, my back hair protects me, I have more back hair then most guys twice my age, .http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif, I love it. Its really thick on the back of my neck. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif. I dont dread about stuff like that just some relic nature gives you. I and my pca played with Bindi more and thats helped he loves his yellow feather toy.

I read books at barns and nobal and discovered some neat cat magazenes and native plant books, wanted to go look at har mar pet shop but they were closed. I also tryed to go to a plant store with my pca didnt work they were closed. I think I will look for the People of the wolf series next time I go to the barns n nobal by my house it sounds like a neat book I havnt writen any stories today but I did post some more messages on the forums.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

Sounds good. I'll be right over! lol Bet Bindi is growing into a gorgeous catguy with all that good food -- glossy coat, bright eyes, and proud tail! And I know he's gotta love your playing with him with a feather toy -- we have a blue one and The Nine go ape for it! They love the "wand" toys like Da Bird and Feline Flyer, too -- gets 'em off the ground and airborne, even 16-year-old Nicolas T. Cat!!! And the red laser pointer toy gets 'em climbing the walls and bouncing off of 'em -- you should see 'em racing down the hall when I run it along there! Supersonic cats!

You'd love my sis. She's not my parents' kid, but she's my sis all the same. She loves wolves. I'm strictly a cat purrson, really....I mean, I love all animals but I'm really not big on the canine race... except for those I know are kind to cats.

Gonna try to view a DVD I just got from Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary on the p.c. It won't play on my DVD player with the tv. Cedarhill is the greatest -- they have really good policies and they care for a lot of big cats plus small cats and members of other species, too. If you're interested in visiting, you can! http://www.cedrhill.org. Another wonderful sanctuary is Big Cat Rescue and their site is, predictably, http://www.BigCatRescue.org

ENJOY! and have a great rest of the weekend.
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I wish I could meet your sister she sounds awesome. Thanks for the websites I'll look at them. One thing I've noticed about the raw/Innova diets is that some days Bindi will eat and eat yet on other days he hardly touched the stuff. Today he didnt eat nearly as much Raw chicken turkey as he did yesterday.

My upper right wisdom tooth is fully in place now, Its smaller the my twelvelar monlar, the second morler, which I found strange I thought wisdom teeth are the biggest teeth in the human jaw. Its hard to brush it but no pain so I'm cool. The sun is out today so hopefully the snow will melt we got Alot of snow over the last few weeks, I hope that it turns spring soon, I cant wait for that to occur.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

Yeah, cats are like us -- some days you feel like gorkin' out, some days, you don't lol. Sounds like Bindi's doing pretty well on the food front, and like I said, anything he doesn't want, I'll be right over lol.

That's good you're not in pain! I'm not sure why it is smaller -- I thought wisdom teeth were the largest ones as well, which may explain why, when they took mine out...no, I won't go on lol!

Just finished viewing the Cedarhill DVD and while it's not slick, it is so great to see everyone there, living good lives, being well cared for and loved! All of the animals are rescues, some from horrific backgrounds. A lot of the little cats are Katrina rescues. You'd just love to see this place! and I sure hope you tour their site soon. BigCatRescue's too.

Well, March is here, so you'll probably get warmer weather soon. Here, it stays wintry until April, sometimes into May, because we're up at 4,100 ft. but I've noticed the paperwhites are starting to come up, and a lot of the trees are budding, so it looks like Spring is starting early this year.

Have a great one!
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I think the reason why my wisdom tooth is smaller is because its a relic, not really nesscary anymore, my Dentist told me the teeth would never overbite and that they would be useless. I think Wisdom teeth hail from a time when people weren't people, when they lived like all of the other wild animals by the laws of predator and prey, like lucy's time, a homid woman thought to have lived 4 to 5 million years ago in what is now ethiopia. I was reading that in another 10,000 years there wont even be a need to have wisdom teeth extractons in humans they will be history.

Bindi and I went outside again, he seemed to like it as then started sniffing the snow and then leaped in it, I made sure he was harnessed of course and he started running back to the house after he got frightened by a car. After that he went to the bckyard and wouldnt quit pulling on the leash, I figure he was trying to run from the cold. It was 36 degrees out, finely he crumpled up into a ball and then shivering I took him back inside. But the funny thing is when I opened the front door he looked at it but didn't go back inside even though he was cold. When he was warmed back up inside he started looking out of the window and then went to the front door and called for me to harness him, I firmly decided though thats its just too cold for him, I will wait until it is above 50. I played with him and he sort of liked it,then just kind of lost intrest. I miss his kitten days of wild frantic chasing. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif
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Hey Panther, Adventurous Bindi, and Tom:

Sounds like you guys had fun and I dunno what you're missing -- Bindi still sounds plenty kittenish to me!!! Wish I could see a photo of him if you ever get a chance and want to -- you could send it as an embed in an email to me if you want!

I agree about the teeth and boy, do I wish it was 10,000 years in the future for that reason, anyway! Basically I'd prefer to live long, long ago, but without the hassle and the pain of having to get the wisdom teeth taken out...
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I agree with you wholeheartdy it would be fun to go back and live in prehistoric times, hunt and fish all day see all the wild animals,ect.

Unfortagelly due to the complexidy of digetal technoagly and the fact my video camra doesnt work with sending puctures online I don't think I will be able to send pictures of Bindi at this time its so frustrating. My dads camra I will use once it has new batterys. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima.../angryfire.gif

Bindi got some new Innova Evo canned from dog days again. Trying to convince my friend that Eucanueva( probably spelled wrong) Isnt as good as good a dog food as the TV aid's say, I never believe commusials anymore If I want it I research it myself. I tokld him Innova evo is a really good brand of food and that he should switch, He aruges that his friend feeds Eucavuevia and is a dog trainer, I say you need to do research, dont beleive everything you hear. Today at dog days we heard the horror of what can go into pet food.(moldy grains unfit for humans comsomution,cancered and diseased animals and animal parts, sick and downer animals, sawdust, colors, ect) I've read about it in books but whe you hear it, its shocking , anyway I was giving some loving and petting to the dogs at the store so didnt hear all of what they were talking about. But hopefully it was convince him.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

I used to feed Eukanuba cat food, but when the company was bought by Procter & Gamble, I quit because P&G does animal testing of products for human use, which I oppose. Eukanuba is basically not much better than Iams or Science Diet now, however it used to be...and you're right to suggest something better. I hope he listens to you!

Yes, those and other, even worse, ingredients are in "supermarket" cat and dog foods, and that's why they should be avoided at all costs. Who wants to make their cat(s)/dog(s) ill and have to deal with the suffering, lots of vet bills, and knowing they did the wrong thing when they could have opted for better quality food for someone in their care who they SHOULD love? I know some people think they are unable to afford better foods; but ultimately, the better foods are cheaper, as there's less waste, the quality is better so fewer illnesses/vet bills, and the health of the companion is optimum.

Sounds like you're really doing all you can to be informed. That is so great of you! Bindi and Tom definitely appreciate it!
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Not very happy right now..... just found out one of my friends normal phone numbers has been disconnected, does this mean I will never be able to reach her again? I have had her cell pohone number but lost it. In the past her nmber has been temperaly disconnected, but now its disconnected does this make a difference.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif

I will show him this thread and warn him about animal testing I think Innova evo is the best next to raw.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

That's too bad and yes, it's frustrating! I'm not sure about the difference, if any, between "temporarily disconnected" and "disconnected". You could try going on the internet white pages and looking for a listing for her; and I'm not sure about how you get a cell listing but if you know the company her cell phone is with, maybe you could check there. I'm sorry, I'm next to useless on stuff like this -- I have this trouble from time to time with people, too, and it does really bug me, losing contact. Communication is easy now? Not to me it ain't! Good luck, though, and sure hope you're able to find her somehow! Do you have an email addy for her, or a snailmail one? Those might be your best bet if you can't reach her by phone. Or if you know where she works/goes to school, maybe you could try contacting her via those places.

And you're right about the food. Absolutely! Stick to the best quality -- BINDI DESERVES THE BEST!
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Thank you for the good words my dad once drove me over to her house to have a cook out I might just have my dad take me to her house this weekend and try to reach her that way. Bindi is doing well I played with him and gave him and tom some Raw turkey chicket diet, I have to call to make another vet visit for Tom he's drinking lots of water and doesnt seem any skinnyer, the vet wants him in on the 13th but my Pca who works that day is very into what my dad is thinking and worries too much in my opinion.(I'll quit doing groecy shopping with him don't want the hassel he's a nice guy but some people are for hanging out with and others you do things with, in my opinion on having pca's.), To my dad Tom is 'just a cat" lucky I'm of an advanced age of 20 so my dad says its your money you can spend it however you want. I'm going to at the vet get his boster and mention kiddeyes and see if that might be it? First lumps now possibly kiddey issues, maybe its nothing. Hiopefully its nothing.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

Well, you're wonderful for caring and for doing the right thing for Tom -- gosh, we're all "just" whatever we are, but that doesn't mean we're not worthy of love and the best care possible, especially when someone else is personally responsible for us!!! (sorry for ranting. I get p-o'd when anyone is less than very, very caring about cats! but then, you knew that.) Yes, kidneys should be checked, all right -- a blood panel can show a lot of things and if you haven't gotten one yet, it's a good idea so the doctor has a baseline from which to work. If it IS a kidney issue, which I sure hope it isn't, this is not the end of the world. My angel girl Moti had CRF (chronic renal failure) and I elected to learn how to give her sub-Q (under the skin) fluids (Ringer's solution, the same stuff they give in IV's to patients who need hydrating). She had seven good months with us as a result. If it is a kidney issue and they catch it early, he could have years of good quality life. Let's see what the doctor says, eh? And I'm hoping and praying for the best for him.

Good for Bindi on his eating! And good for you for being patient with him.

Understand about the other stuff, too, and agree. They say "don't mix business with pleasure" and sometimes that does make sense...
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Today things went okay, I ate more then just my lunch we had a lunch break today at work. I ran into my staff boss at the coffe shop and talked to her about when I thought my math class ends, turns out I lied to her Jim found out I have it until June, I then told him I wanted to skip transistion day as well as on Sunday mornings and make them into valunteering at the humane society day instead. If Jeff my case manager doesnt mind, he then precceded to lecture me on what he calls "the game" of life and that I must wait until summer. That made me frustrated and a little annoyed, I told Jeff later on by writing a letter to him that I wanted to do this, tommarow I get his answer, If yes then he/jim calls Gabe and no more unesscary viedo's and trips to the court house to see things I have no intrest or use in. Plus I start building up my resume in things that would make me more desireable as an Art teacher. I fed the pigeons again and this time noticed a smaller black one I've never seen before. It was nice I loved throwing out birdseed for them to eat.

I found out the story behind Jim's dog, was a rescue. Who by the way has a changed name. Edda instead of Nureckia. She was very recently dumped at a local wal mart by some mean stupid peole and someone nice found her and saved her, now Jim and his girlfriend have her to enjoy. Today we let her run off lesh and to come when we call off leash she was rebellious a little bit today but at 9 months I think its a 'teen thing'. She hasnt been spayed yet either Jim want to wait until spring I tell him do it before spring the goal is to get her fixed before heat not after. I'm wondering what age can a dog go into heat? We didn't socalize her and Bindi today. I was wondering and kind of hoping that maybe my dad wouldn't mind if I baby sat her over a weekend for Jim, Tom would have to kept downstars but thats fine because we have our extra big littlerbox downstars and he likes to lurk in the basement..

I also rembered hearing a story while I was fishing up in brainard with Jim about a deer some hunter shot with 7 legs and both male and female reproductive organs, they had its news story too I've heard, Dont want to see it though get nightmares from deformed creatures.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

You know, I don't want to seem pushy or anything, and I sure don't want to contradict anyone important in your life, but it's one thing to know what is expected out of people in business and public; it's another to know where your gifts are, and to do something with them. People differ on how they see these things, and I'm the last one to be an adviser to anyone on what to do with your life; but having said that, there are far too few people in the animal health/rescue professions, and I know you would be a valuable addition to them, whatever you decide to do. I'm with you on this, Panther -- far be it from me to buck the system, as I'm not the one answerable, but Id want to do what you want to do, too. Is it possible to talk with him and explain why it is you want to do this? You're not slacking or goofing off; you're doing something valuable that could be helpful to your career. Would he see that, do you think, if you put it that way?

I'm glad about the rescue, of course, and hope you can do that!

Yeah, it's really sad about the deer if it is true. (I don't agree with hunting, not these days, when people have food readily available. But that's OT.) I know there are a lot of frogs coming up with deformities from pollutants in their environment; this sounds like another wakeup call. I have nightmares, too, not from the animals, but from what's being done to make them that way.
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I'm glad you see it my way, It was just a mere annoyence he cannot tell me what to do outside of his time working with me. Jeff knows what i'm doing is good and I think he will make the switch to me working there on mondays. I just hope Gabe knows I didnt lie on propose, I was told samester ends during that dayI got into the class while it was going on after my IEP. Transition day I'm starting to think isn't really nesscary and I'd be better off at the humane society helping animals and creating a better future for myself.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/agree.gif. I think everyone has or should have Idealism and Realism in them some have too much of either or If you have too much ideaism then your not living life realisticly and are bound to run into issues, but if you have too much realism you have no passion no happyness. Its importent to balence the two and in the world we live in one seems to think sometimes that people shouldnt have ideaism in them at all. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima.../angryfire.gif

My friendships at TTI/school having been good but I find with alot of people my age is they dont seem to get the idea of loyality maybe its part of being a teen maybe its just that they have so much other stuff to worry of,( have a friend whose mom works weekends) I call and make arrgements to do things but things seem to always fall through this is one reason why I think I should valunteer at the Humane Society. My dad isnt really sure on the idea of having a dog in the house over the weekend I told him thats its up to him totally and that waiting until shes better trained and spayed is probably better. I would have to have Bindi better socalized. I cleaned Ablinois tank today, my African Clawed Frog and gave her some food I also watered my houseplants and took the trash out( This afternoon I did that).
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Ps, Jim already knows why I want to do it, I think he just wants me to do well that's all.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, and Tom:

I love the way you think! Yunno what they say -- great minds think alike -- ?
lol! And I went through "flaky friends" a lot too -- still do, sometimes and I'm not sure it's the age of the person, it might also have to do with too much stimulation and too much to do in the world of today, you know? I find myself getting scatterbrained and sometimes flaky, too, and this is NOT something I was raised to do or think is good to do at all! In my case, it's juggling too many thoughts and things and plans and work at one time. But yes, it's really frustrating when someone doesn't keep a date.

Sure hope you do get that gig at the HS; I KNOW you'll be a valuable addition there and that the animals will love to have you there! That is so good of you to do that.

Didn't know you had a frog. That's neat! I love amphibians and all of the scaled folks, too. Love to see a pic if you are ever able...not to bug you on that, though. I know how that feels, and I can't post pics myself because of my dialup connection (or something -- maybe it's my nongeekiness!) but sure wish I could. I'm just getting the siggy thing together -- Lovinmom828 and Anakat have been kind enough to make me some beautiful ones, and it's not easy getting them up there, but so far I've done it! You know, I think one or more of the wonderful artists here would be glad to help you by letting you send a photo of Bindi (and Tom and Albinois, too!) as an embed in an email so they could work up a siggy for you...all you have to do is go on the Signature Shop forum and put the call out, and I'm sure someone will respond! Just in case you're interested...

What you say about idealism vs. realism is profound, and yes, it does seem that there's no place and no respect for idealism a lot of times; but it's not completely the case, because all the writers, actors, artists, musicians, etc. out there are being creative, which does involve some measure of idealism, and they are still being recognized. A lot of it is who you know, though.
I think the world is starved for idealism and for idealists, so don't ever give up on your dreams! If not right now in this time and place, there WILL be a time when your gifts are valued. I know it!
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Maybe wisdom really does come from the teeth http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif. Jeff told me today that he thinks its a great idea and get this I found Gabes phone number while searching for nail clippers, I grow my nails long in summer when I use them for picking/gathering berries and hunting for bugs. But during most of the year I keep them short. I will call her tommarow and talk to her about setting something up for sunday mornings 8 to 12 and 8 to 2 on mondays. Jim wasn't in a very good mood today but I comforted him and said everybuddy has downer days its how our brains work, what makes it good or bad is not WHAT you feel but HOW you treat others because of it. he left me alone to go some shopping at the foodstore. and I got everything I needed as well as stuff I didnt http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...laughing02.gif. While keeping my limit of $120 in mind ( I was off by only 30 cents) I unpacked all of the stuff and will have my dad repay me back for most of it. For pre-made salids, cookies or Bison meat or packaged goods which are pricy sense I buy Organic he will not pay me for, those are lucuray idea not needs. But erverything else I get money back on. Gabe will get a nice report on this I'm sure.

I agree with you on how stupid it is that our culture worships youth, In my opinion its the elders that deserve the credit, youth have all kinds of things going on in their minds some are prehistoric some modern and they have to sort out right/wrong and how to find their nitch, in my opinion is foolish to worship that, better to look up to those who've been there done that.

I have more then just two stories, I have a neat one I'm working on now called Children of the Leopard. Its a mixure of Wildness/Adventure/romance/ religion conflict and danger/also its about standing up for what you beleive is right even when everyone thinks your wrong.

Here an idea of it.

Deep in the demoncratic repubic of congo lives a primtive socity of Leopard worshippers. Called Followers of Lepolaria, The leopard goddnesss of darkness and beauty. The hunters one day while trading with whites for bush meat unknownly pick up ebola in the meat and infect the clan. Everyone else but Maki's two eighteen month old twins die off from the deady disease. But before death Maki calls upon Leopalara and shares visions with the goddess. She says that a mother leopard will drawn by the smell of fresh meat come from the jungle to raise the children feral in the way of the leopard. Maki is honored that they will learn how to hunt the animals in a way closes't to their animal of glory and power. That when white hunters come from USA to shoot the mother cat she will lick the children when they hide from the danger. thereby giving them power and leopard magic which for now lays dorment like a seed. (During puberty leopard magic will raise to full force and instead of turning into a man or a woman they will change into leopards and develop attractions to leopards of the oppsite gender instead of people, it will be dangerous for them as they will hunt at night in the city for prey like their leopard instincts tell and only by sheer luck will they be able to survive) Then before the hunters find and do harm to the mother leopard she vanishes into the misty trees leaving the feral children alone with the two hunters from a tame clivilized land. The two hunters try to tame the feral children and only partly saceed before their trip to Africa is up and they must go back to america to do bussniess once more. No one knows of the Leopard magic within, even the children forget about it in time. Basiclly the novel evoves later into their struggles in America and their wild adventures in the zoo with the leopards and the excitement of seeing all of the "live prey'. There's a clash of religion when the children find some witches, follower's of a leopard godess similar to what their native tribe worshipped back in Africa, they were raised Christian by their new family when they came to America and now have strong faith in it but now want to understand why they are becoming leopards, fueled by fear of the future and rebellious urges they are drawn to learn about Lepalara as their adoptive mother and father after filing with the state and buying a permit to privately own wild and dangerous animals take them out of school in order to hide their teen 'Leopards' from society out of fear something dangerous to them could happen. The two children do all kinds of strange and primtive rituals with the witches discovering what it's like to be leopard caller but edvuntally guilt for what they call in their church as sinful catches up with them. They decide after a series of nightmares to talk to their local priest, he is very angry with them saying that they are falling in the hands of Satin, Prince of Darkness and if they want to save their souls they must seek rependance for their sins. They beg him not to tell their parents of their actions and reluctenctly he agrees to do this only if they promise him they will never see the witches again.
Although they are guilty and feel shamed they both agree that the preist was overreacting and was being predjuce towards the witches who were just doing a differnt form of religion that wasnt evil just different so
they break this vow but only to give a parting gift of a leopard skin to the leader of the witches as payback for what they have taught them, later they do a service to their church as payment. That way both religions can be happy with them and see them as good caring people and the Priest and their concerned parents won't be angry. The Adoptive father Kumkaboo is a Game ranger in Africa and the mother works at a local world market, its the father who first sees the twany leopard fur growing on the arms and legs of their 13 year old children. (to be continued)

How do you like it?
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Hey Panther, Bindi, Tom, and The Froggie (I forgot the name)

Sounds like you buy good food, when is dinner? lol I eat very little meat, am trying to become vegetarian again like I was for most of my life but I do occasionally eat chicken, fish, and buffalo which is traditional for us...it's a good meat to eat, if you're gonna eat meat -- and I understand Bindi (and Tom)? like(s) it?

Yeah, the elders are our connection with our pasts, our cultures, and who we are. They're really important to us and they guide us all through our lives. But young people have much to contribute, too -- everyone does. At least, that's how we always have seen it. No one is left out, everyone is part of the whole, and everyone has unique gifts and talents. It's good when they can be recognized and appreciated instead of stifled and derided. If we all did the same thing and thought the same way, how boring life would be, eh? And it couldn't work, anyway -- there have to be all kinds of us doing all kinds of things!

I like your plotline very much. You certainly weave complex tales! Hope you keep them in the computer or notebook or somewhere, and develop them fully. I used to do editing in addition to my writing; so if you ever need an editor, I'm available.

Have a great day!
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Thank you so much you saved me the task of finding an editer.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/smile.gif I talked to the people that work there and sadly the shelter hours are from noon to 6 I was hoping they opened in the morning's oh well I will get Gabes number from my pca today and call her tommarow with Patrick, I will tell her sorry that I got the news on the school times wrong and that I talked to Jeff and he gave an okay for Mondays. On Sundays I will work noon to 2, on Mondays noon to 4... if all goes well that is.

I fed the pigeons alot of birdseed today, some were thin to me and looked hungry, I also picked up some Rabbit from the bucher and more fresh Birdseed from the birdstore I go to. It was fun to see them gather in a massive flock there are so many now, sometomes they eat their fill and then wait up on the cliffs of the buildings for more food, I can hardly wait for the spring molt, when I can have more feathers to make my necklaces. Today was good I got to feed them with my pca, Charles, who now volunteers at my worksite. I hope Gabe doesnt mind me going away with him early instead of takling the bus back to TTI with my group it sure is fun hanging out with him and today I had alot of time on my hands 6 hours! If this works out I will feed them with charles on Thursdays and at lest on that day I will never have to worry about my job couch calling the pigeons that evil name again, he said he won't but sometimes I wonder.... I have a great opinion about them, they are mesagers of peace and happyness and dont want to loose it. I also found out today that I have a good song in my head called Tme after time it makes me think of a book I'm reading The woman, The wolf and The Wilderness, she see's time in a different way sense moving on a island to work with horses and to rehabelatate wolf highbreds. Minutes seem like hours to her, strange I think but cool. She writes in this novel about a young wolf puppy she gets from a rescue center that's closing down because of lack of funds, she gets the animal when its eight weeks and raises it and teachers her how to hunt and fend for herself, she feel spiritually conected to the creature and later on sneaks her into a wilderness area thats far enough away from people that she'll be safe yet not a protected land where wolves can be killed. The wolf encounters some hikers when she walking with her in hiding with a conversation officer who stays with her so she will look like she isn't breaking the law, the hikers unklnowing of the woman and her conservatio officer guard also see a Grizzy and then call the DNR and they make the area protected. (later on Teresa's-name of writer, wolf finds a mate and has a family)

I took Bindi outside today I thought forty was okay and it was... sort of,Bindi loved it, he roamed further then he'd ever has before and actually leaped into the snow. He has a fear of trains I can relate too, the rumbling scares me sometimes too, while I'm out in summer picking berries that grow wild along the downward slopes alining the tracks. He loved walking throiugh the snow and sniffing the bushes he stood up on his hind legs, something I didnt know cats do and had a look around he also slashed through some puddles and wondered around my yard plus the nighebors. He called for more outaside time later when I took him inside when Charles went outside to break ice I had to pull him away from the door. I think outside time is good for him, he loves it. I also went to the river park and hiked some and ran races with Charles then I complamented on the beaudy of the river and the snowy land. We hikes through the snow and then went home.

How was today for you?
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Hey Panther, adventurous Bindi, Tom and ???,

Sounds like you had a pretty good day. Yes, cats do stand up on their hind legs -- sometimes Samuda will do this for quite some time, and others here do it, too, when they're trying to see something higher up, or when they are reaching for a toy or a treat! Bindi sounds like quite an adventurous guy. I know they love outside, as long as he's supervised and safe I guess he's doing well. Sounds really beautiful where you are.

Here, gave my brood some catnip and also some anti-furball treats. It's warm today so they're lazing around out on the Catio or in the bedroom.

I know someone who used to do wolf rescue. I haven't talked with her for quite awhile so don't know if she still does it; she had some health issues so I don't know. There are petitions on The Petition Site and Defenders of Wildlife's sites to try to stop a renewed killing of wolves in Wyoming and Idaho. If you're interested, the sites are just http://www.(and the name).org. if you want to sign on to them. Other org's probably have petitions going as well; but these are the ones I know and signed onto.

I'm having a frustrating time trying to run my virus scan today. My ISP doesn't seem to want me to use one that's not theirs. ARRRRRRRRRGH!

Other than that, it's been an okay day, relaxing, warm and sunny, and not bad.

Have a good evening and hope you find your friend!
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On Saterday is when I go to her house, thank you for your courtacy. Bindi as I was frying up Rabbit got to try and sample raw rabbit liver. he likes it. I save some in the fridge for him tommarow. I have Friday off because of teacher confrences. I want to become an Art Teacher because I love art, teaching kids art and also all the break time teachers get, Thought it would be a good combanation, and while I move up on math,reading levels,ect. I will vulnteeer at the shelter and continue to do so for as long as I can. I also made a vow to myself to only be imformed about what I need to be in order to survive and no more, no news for me, all the policial info I get for elections will be from close friends close to election time, most of the stuff on the news in my opinion is evil and should not be supported. Humans have a natural instinct to know about bad things that isnt really nesscary anymore, given how safe and domescated we have become, you do need to be aware but only enough to stay safe (In my opinion) this instinct I find can be addictive.

Walking Bindi is a wonderful thing I love love almost as much as he does. I'm going to do it more tommarow and next weeek esspecically as it gets warmer. When do you think would be a good tme to flea treat the cats so I dont have a flea issue? Right now in March Bindi is untreated but sense its so cold out and theres snow on the ground I figure he dont need it. Tommarow I'm going to see Edda and go to the park and walk her with Jim. I think I'm more of a dog person then you are because dogs will please you again and again but one thing about cats I like is they aren't nearly as needy and they dont have to be taught like a dog what to do ands what not to as far as sit,stay,come,heel. I will go to pike island with Patrick tommarow and see the deer and coyotes, and other wildlife too I'm excited about today as much as tommarow. Its a good time for me.
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Hi Panther Pride! Welcome to TCS!!!!

An Art teacher sounds like a great job! I agree tha tthe news can be real depressing some days.

When you do flea treat the cats, please make sure you check with your vet and do not use any over the counter products.

See you on the forums!
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Thank you Abbysmom, I apperate the info. Talked to my vet over the phone today as well found out I have to start next month unstead of June, oh well.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/rolleyes.gif. Bindi loves going outside and is conugering his fear of snow, a friendy beagle mix(Even playfully attacked the dog, got a warning growl but nothing else thankfully, I held her back from him,) and the sounds of trains, we live close to a railroad I would never bring him there. Mostly he roams around and sniffs things, its the cold that holds him back. Once all the snow melts he's sure to love it more.

Have to get a four year degree before I can become an Art teacher though. Bhind in Math and some other subjects, catching up though. Got a B in math this samester. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/clap.gif
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