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Hey Panther, hungry Bindi, Tom and ???:

Again, I love the way you think! about the news and politics and all that stuff. You're very wise! That stuff can drive people around the bend. It would be good to be knowledgeable if it could be put to good use; I'm not one who thinks it counts in this time and place. Maybe it will again, some day! Sure hope so....You took my words from me about the subjects! Yes, better to get your paper on what you want to go for career-wise, and get educated on what's useful in your life.

Sounds like Bindi's got some eclectic tastes. Personally, I love rabbits and I couldn't go there. There are a lot of cottontails and jackrabbits who visit here, and we put out rabbit pellets and water for them. Love to watch them!

Yeah, I agree with you 100% on cats. And as for dogs, you're right -- no love lost there where I'm concerned. I have cared for two dogs in the past, only because I had to and not because I chose to. And I've known of two other dogs I have a high regard for; both of them rescued cats! You may have heard of one of them -- her name was Ginny, and she lived in NYC. She was the greatest dog I've ever heard of and I think she was a saint! because she saved many feline lives, and also helped her human companion when he was really low.

I'd say the time to start flea treating is after the frost is done where you live; that's when the flea larvae probably start coming out. If in doubt, it is a good idea to ask the vet.

Have a great weekend and hope you get a lot of good walks in with the Bindi-man and see a lot of animals!
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I called the vet today and found out next month is when I should start. Guess I'll have to order sooner then I thought. Bindi went for a a couple of nice walks today mostly he pranced arond the yard like a panther trying to find dry places to walk on. Sometimes he ran with me following him other times he stood on his hind legs. Jim brought over Edda and Bindi as he was hidding under the futon did a very foolish thing he playfully attacked the dog which growled at him I pulled the dog away and he watched the dog and kept following her around showing wary intrest. The dog didnt do anything. Bindi is a small cat and Jims dog is medium size its strange. We separated Tom from the dog and kept a close eye on Bindi and Edda. I wonder if they should see each other anymore. Jim thinks things are going well and says we should keep working with the two. I noticed Bindi seems bolder about going outside and wants to do it more I think it may be best to wait until the snow is more reduced. I sadly didnt go out to the Island today lost my free pass. This weekend looks pomising though hopefully I'll find my friend and have fun with Kim another one of my PCA's
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Hey Panther, Brave Bindi, Tom and ???:

Well, as long as the dog is kept on restraint and Jim watches it carefully, I guess it's all right as long as you agree to it. What do you think?

That's too bad about losing your pass...can you get another one?

Hope you do find your friend, and hope you can still do something good this weekend...

Bindi may be small, but he's powerful, eh? With all that good food you feed him and the wonderful friendship you guys share, it's no wonder he's a little panther-man!
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Sadly I dont think finding my friend's going to work, My dad wants a streat address I told him I dont know. Her phone number got temparly disconnected in the past. she has a pritty hectic life, in collage with three kids at 32, but shes a nice person thats what really matters.

(Names have been changed to show repect)

I had a bad PCA that worked with me, 'Fred', who was also her boyfriend and was abusive to her and her kids, at the time I was a kid myself so my parents didnt beleive what I told them until 'Sally' hooked up with me again and told my dad. I saw her at a bus stop during last yer at TTI, She had broken up with 'Fred' in the years sense 'Fred' was fired by Gabe and I kept contact with her until recently... she wants to learn about cars so she can run an Audo shop of her own someday hope all goes well.

Bindi is doing great though he needs to learn that harness means outside no harness means inside. Can a cat learn this? I got him a retractable leash that goes 16 feet and a pritty blue harness with cute black kitten paws tiday along with a new comupter chair and mouse. I put in on Bindi amnd he really seemed to like the new freedom, My dad however stated his opinion that Bindi's behavor has been worse today soley because hes allowed outside time. (Jumping up on his back rushing through the house, sounds like kitten stages to me) He then goes on further to tell me cats are not like dogs and shouldnt be expected to learn that indoors is indoors and out is out depending upon whither or not they have a leash on them. Then afterward he says that he's my cat and that's just his veiw on the matter, which I find respectful at the very least. My Pca agrees with him yet I do not. Bindi is still very young and all young children human or animal are going to be wild sometimes essspcally when they discover new and exciting things. Its the nature of living things. Although I'm uncurtain right now wither or not Bindi can learn to control himself when not on leash and the door opens I am sure that being predjuce because hes a cat will not solve anything. You never know things until you try them, a kitten isnt fully mature at 9 months mentally behaviorlly or spiritully dogs themselves take two years before they can be called 'grown up'. Bindi likes outside time so much though that he woke me up this morning early because he wanted to have me walk him. It was below 40, the magic number for us , so I had him wait until noon.

Tommarrow I'm going to another one of my friends houses and have fun listioning to CD's and talking about things, my dad will drive me if everything works out as it should..
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Hey Panther, Bindi, Tom and ???:

That's nice of you to care about her. She sounds like she's really been through a lot. Maybe you'll remember some landmarks or something when you're travelling around, and find her that way. A lot of times, things like this happen "coincidentally"; it's my belief that nothing happens by accident and if you are meant to see her again, somehow, you will. What do you think? I think you will, because you care about her.

Well, I'm really not sure about the indoor/outdoor matter -- all my cats are indoors-only, so it's not an issue with us. I have a harness and leash and walked each of them outdoors once or twice, but they didn't seem too interested, especially with the "Catio" and the deep windowsills/large windows here. In fact, some of them did NOT want to go out at all. "Training" is one thing; but cats are very intelligent and tend to be independent, unlike dogs who will do anything anyone makes them do, just about. Once a cat does go out, if (s)he likes it, (s)he will probably try to go out again whenever there's a chance. My folks' cat was indoor-only for quite awhile after they adopted him, but he had gone outside before he lived with them, and he liked it, so they ended up letting him go out, against my recommendations. He was okay, but he did get fleas.

It does sound like he's still very much a kitten, though -- you're right about that. He gets wild sometimes! (That will happen throughout his life, too. ALL cats get kittenish at times, if they are healthy, in my experience, anyway!)

Have fun tomorrow! As for me, I'm having lots of fun cleaning out my p.c.'s filing cabinet. 6,800+ entries and counting.
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I will have a pca help me track her down, As for Bindi he's tired from all the exploring has been sleeping for quite awhile now. I'm getting tired myself too cant wait for tommarow though. I was reading Dr Pitchairn book on natural care for dogs and cats, Its really good as well as informative. Tommarow I may walk Bindi, helps keep the pressure off Tom. Tom doesnt always like playing with Bindi too old I guess. I can now feel Toms ribs and to a lesser extent his shoulders, he will always have lumps from the poor diet but atlest I can feel his ribs and see some increased activity level.On the 15th Tom goes to the vet again. Bindi goes to the vet in Aug.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, Tom, and ???:

Sounds good to me! That's great that Tom is slimming down a bit -- he'll feel healthier and have more energy when he finds out that he can. And yeah, it's good to give him a break -- sometimes a kitten can run a cat ragged!

That is a good book, and it's wonderful that you're educating yourself so well as to Bindi's and Tom's health. How's your frog doing?

Do hope you find your friend.

I was cleaning out my p.c. mailbox today and came across mail to and from a dear friend of mine who had the best multimedia website; he passed away last year. I got really emotional reading the mail I saved from him, and the ones I sent to him. We used to joke around a lot and he was just the greatest guy -- everyone loved him. Sure do miss him. His site isn't ever going to be up and running again, I guess, even though he had a lot of friends who worked on it with him. Guess the heart's gone out of them, and I don't blame them, but it would be a good tribute to him to keep it going, and I know he'd want that if they felt like doing it. Oh well. I'm so glad I saved that mail. Lots of great graphics, too.
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Thats too bad about your friend hope you feel better. I got a movie at wal mart wigh my dad. The Adventures of Milo and Otis today with my dad. Its a neat movie about a kitten and puppies adventures together in the farm and the forest. Its a cute movie but I noticed that I seem to be losing instrest in it. It is a kids movie and the feelings I get from watching it are.... strange, on one hand I like it but on the other hand it seems.......I dont know differnt I want to like it again as I used to..

Ablinoi is doing well, I cleaned her cage today, shes an aqutic frog that lives totally underwater. Once she she layed infurtile eggs all over the tank. She beathes air from the surface of the water often hanging just under the surface. Her feet are big and fat and have black claws on them she eats worms and fish sometimes incsects too. Her water is kept in the 70's and changed every so often.

Bindi went for a few walks today. He tryed climbing our tree in our backyard but I told him no and pulled him away, afterwords Bindi rolled on the sidewalk of my next door neighbor and then leaped in the grass by the melting snow and batted playfully at some bugs. Before decideding that he should seek new playgrounds away from previous explored area's he tryed to go three houses down and started exploring an old latter*and tree by a gurage... He was about to go further when a loud train noise frightened him and he rushed back to my house. My leash goes up to sixteen feet and I think he liked the space between me and him as we rushed back to the house. I got a flea comb at petsmart today so I will be able to check for fleas. I checked today and there were no fleas on him at all

I saw a natural herbal flea treatment at petsmart, was wary though and didn't buy it even though it was cheaper then Frontline on that online webpage you sent, wanted your opinon on it, It had pepperment oil, rosemary and other herbal things, its says its safe for kittens and cats over 12 weeeks but after reading on here about some other bad experences with over the counter flea meds I wanted your opinons?
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Dear Panther, Bindi, Tom, and Ablinoi:

I LOVE that movie, and I'm a lot farther away from kid-dom than you are! if that helps at all. I have it on video, and love it. I'm a junkie for any kind of positive animal films, especially happy cat movies. And some of my favorites are VERY kid, like Disney's "THOMASINA".

I would steer clear of any powders, myself, although we do have one that has pennyroyal and mint, and is quite safe. Cats clean themselves, which is the main reason I'd opt for another form of protection; and I have seen other posters' cautions not to use OTC meds, but personally, I have always used Advantage, with no adverse results. A tip if you do decide to use Advantage: buy the "Blue" (for dogs 55+ lbs. -- yes, really! This is a cheaper way to buy the same formula that's in the cat-sized vials, and you use 1/5 of a vial for each cat around 10 lbs. Rescuers and feral caretakers do this a lot, as it saves funds. You may want to buy the smaller, cat or kitten size (purple and orange) first, so you have a sense of how much is in each before using the large vial. But you may of course prefer some other method of protection; good on ya for buying that flea comb! I wouldn't be without mine, and if you use it daily, you should be able to keep Bindi and Tom flea-free, possibly without anything else at all!

One note of caution which I'm pretty sure you wouldn't need anyway, but I'll offer just in case: DO NOT buy any Hartz flea products. These have been implicated in many fatalities in the past; and I do not know whether or not they have been made safe yet, so I would stay well clear of them. Also, I had a bad experience with Adams flea & tick spray-on flea treatment in the past; it got licked by one of my cats, who started foaming at the mouth afterwards. He was okay, but I would never use that product again, because this is NOT a normal or a good reaction!
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Thanks for the flea med info I think I'll just buy it on your website you recamended just to be safe. I looked at three Bengal websites in MN, thinking about getting a friend for Bindi over this summer, emailed a breeder about how much they charge, they have this cute girl kitten I'm inrested in, named after the little murmaid, she is cute cute cute. I've never had a female cat before let alone a pruebred how are they like?

Bindi is still the star of my life though and will always be, Tommarow its supposed to be over 50. I will walk Bindi later on if I have time after TTI, also am going to see about calling Gabe again at TTI and setting up a time where I can work at the shelter in a few weeks. Its been long enough!!! I've waited months for things to go this far, I think its unfair to wait until summer for this to start and know I'd really be better off there then in TTI during transition days and spending boring weekends feeling let down because my friends do not seem to know or understand the meening of relieabity loyalty or truth to word.
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Hey Panther and fams:

Hope your experience with Drs. Foster & Smith, and Advantage, is a good one. I think they're a good company and that Advantage is a good product.

Sorry about your friends seeming flaky -- this happens a lot these days, and I feel like that, too, but sometimes when I'm more thoughtful about the issue, I think also that people just have too much on their plates these days, they're overstimulated and bombarded by negative media content, peer pressure, etc. and it's not necessarily entirely their "fault" they're like that. Of course, each person's an individual and everything's contextual, right? But true friends are so valuable, I hope that if you feel they are real friends, you will be able to cut them some slack.

Well, Panther, again, far be it from me to tell anyone what to do -- I think that's pretty hostile, myself -- and having said that, I have to say that personally, I would never buy a living being from a breeder while millions of beautiful, loving, deserving cats lose their lives each year simply because there are not enough good homes for them. Until the shelters stand empty, I will always adopt from the street or from the shelter, never from a breeder. If you are set on adopting a "purebred", would you consider going to a breed rescue? I'm sure there are "purebred" Bengals who end up in shelters and rescue organizations who would LOVE to be part of your family. Why don't you start there?
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Thats a good idea, I'll look into Bangal rescue when the time comes I was thinking this summer but my dad says with three pets already ones bound to be left out if I get another, Albinoi possibly becuse she's in a tank downstairs in our basement. I will wait until I have a place of my own and things are more stable. Bindi and Tom are enough for now.

I will try to find/help friendships I already have maybe I was being hostale, its just when you try to make plan weakend after weakends and it always falls through it can be frustrating.
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Hey Panther, Bindi, Tom, and Ablinoi:

Well, personally I think it's very understandable to feel the way you felt -- I have had those experiences too, and yeah, it's really rude and thoughtless of people to do that! If the shoe was on the other foot and you did that to them, you KNOW you'd hear about it, or feel the hostility about it! It's just plain inconsiderate. Not that what I said yesterday isn't true, and not that I haven't done it a time or two, because my life has been in a shambles and chaos DOES occur in all our lives. But I'm never proud of it , and I always feel bad about it, and given the opportunity, I try to apologize and make amends for it. Hope your friends get that opportunity, too. I dunno -- I try to live by example, like "be the change you want to see"; but I'm sure not perfect and I don't know anyone who is. Except CATS lol

Sounds like a good plan! I think you could easily handle four and have plenty of affection for 'em all. But yeah, having your own place might make that easier.

Omigosh, another week! Hope yours is good, guyz!
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I got an email back from the breeder I asked a question to about cost of kitten/spaying. They want $600 to $800 for the kitten and then $150 to $200 for shipping, I think it will be less in shipping because I live close to them, I picked breeders in MN. They seem reputable but I will investagate this more. I will hold off for now because I need to worry about Bindi now and get flea meds today off the net. I should probably get enough to dose two cats this summer and spring, If I do get a Bangel kitten I will keep her inside this year and harness leash train her next spring or late winter. I will get pictures of Tom and Bindi on here this weekend if possible

I start Humane society work with Jim in a few weeks!!!!! very happy about it! It will be cool to work at a place that actually FUN instead of required. I walked Bindi around my house today he explored more close to home today but still rolled around on the sidewalk and sniffed dry grass he loved to bat and chase leaves blowing aross the grass and to leap into the snow. Cant waiting until the grass and plants come alive.
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Heres a a short essauy I wote. On what its like to be a half human half leopard.

Live Prey.

We sliently stand in the crowds of clivilized ones.
Watching them, no not the people but instead the herds of Zebra, Deer, Impala, Gauzzle. So tender they are with deep pools of passion, so safe and domesticated, Do they dream? Of us Leopard People? We were once all human but now due to events that we couldn't control in our lives are rapidly becoming leopards.

Leopards have instincts. But there's a twist, we are clivilized highbreds, we can only watch with hungry longing. Others watch too, police with radieo walky talkies and guns to shoot with. Zoo's are like shows to us, hot, cool and hip, yet we must control our wild leopard urges the best we can. It isn't easy though to say no to the moving meat.

They look so tender... so

Moving meat aaauurahh!!! so frustrating and yet so simulating.

We are both hungry now. Our parents dont know we're here watching the moving meat, so tender so raw and alive, yet we come to see the show of hide covered steaks and susages burning fear as they look through our souls. AAHHH fear, so delicious with sweat and blood after a long dusty chase through grass as high as an elephants eye. Leopard man and Leopard woman we are becoming fast and swift.

"Come my sister lets get a burger, we dont want to watch them for much longer, we might just do something we'd be sorry for later", "Brother she said. Burgers are just processed pattys of poison don't you want?....."

"The meat of a fresh kill yes I do," hangs over my lips like a leopard in an umbrella thorn tree over a small savannah, the herds are down below watching, waiting. But I restrain myself , if I say it, my sister may loose sense and leap over. "No we have to control ourselvdes it isnt easy but its something that we have to do",

People are staring at us now. Their eyes flash fear and concern. We have to leave, we've stay here too long. Our skin showed its spotted fur in places! I gasp in fear as I noticed we havn't protected ourselves, wildness is feared here. Two troubled teens run off into the growing darkness,

We had fun.

Do you like it? Does it make you feel like a leopard?
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Hey Panther, Bindi, Tom, and Ablinoi:

Things are springing up out here -- the nectarine and apricot trees are in blossom, and the paperwhites are just about to bloom. The blue flag leaves are up. The rose trees are leafing out. So it's only a matter of time. I can't wait for the lilacs and Desert Bird of Paradise, Orchids, and Willows to be in bloom (but I have to lol).

Sounds like Bindi is having fun exploring!

That's great that you start at the HS soon. You'll tell me the GOOD stories, won't you? Like the cat adoptions...!

Well, I hope you do find a Bengal in a shelter, sanctuary or rescue.

Have a good one!
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I had a lousy day today, My bus driver's breaks got jammed and I was late to go home. When I did go home Edda was pacing back and forth by the house Jim ties her up by the fence leading to my steps told him its fine to do that to dogs for a short time but I think he takes it too seriously. I went in and Bindi wanted to go out for a walk. I talked to Jim about going out and he said wait and that Jane, his sister was coming, I harnessed Bindi and he went out and faced the dog, he hated being bounded up with her around and though I stood near him and talked in low tones he started cowering by the door and then clawing wildly to go in. the dog was very close and then sernsing the fear of my cat I took him to my backyard. He clams down and then roams around. My shoes need tieing so I work on them Bindi hears Edda wanting freedom and gets scared again I lead him to my house and he claws to go in I however want to teach him that Edda isnt a danger and that dogs being outside are a part of life. I take him back and place him by the tree later the harness starts to come off, I Restain Bindi who's in flight mode and try to fix it all to no avail sensing I'm going to loose him I go inside and try working on the harnesss its not working out and I become ittable finely jim tells me Jane isnt coming and that I can rest or go to the river. I choose to rest and try the harness on Bindi, I'm the kind of guy that once an idea comes into my mind I won't give up, after telling him we should go to a petshop and get a professonal to see it i hope that he will do it but he says no. Jane suddenly comes in causing me to step on Bindis tail, he runs away but stays close, knows I meant no harm, This whole shock and choas makes me even more annoyed. She starts talking and I have to tell her sorry because I show her through my feelings i'm not happy about this surprize. She likes my new cat and I tell her a little about Bindi's history and then she wants to put the harmness on. I let her and she shows me how a way that I didnt even think of. The I do it and then I say we are NOT taking Bindi out anymore and that he needs his space. We go out and walk the poor dog who's been so good, she didnt do as well this morning because Jim's girlfriend forgot to let her out long enough to go to the bathroom right , she pooped in Jims car and showed remorse and shame for doing it after getting a scolding from Jim.

We walked and I talked with Jim and Jane about school, life and the furture,/ I told Jane how bothered I was about Bindi's wild impluses to flee while I was trying to put on the harness and she told me hes a cat not a dog and cannot obey or understand humans like a dog. I'm already bothered enough today by some of the talk that my job couch was saying with a friend about the pigeons at the bus stop toay, he didnt call them rats with wings but some others things they talked of were almost as bad, now I get talked to about cats in ways I already know about .

I ignored them and fed the pigeons and looked for feathers It was cool to see them they looked better and there was bno snow to weigh them down .

Personally I think cats can learn as much as dogs just that it harder for them because they are so idependent and have no desire for pack mentatly, Jane did say some cats will always fear dogs, true, I had hoped Bindi wasnt one because he was raised with a dog as a kitten. I have come to the concullon Bindi fears Edda when he's tied up, or confined but likes it much better when she's confined and hes free in the house. Jane is a wonderful person and love animals,cats , I didnt mean to make her seem bad, Normally I really like to see and talk with her when I'm on good terms and not frustated or late because of things outside my control. She has a cat of her own thats harness trained and is doment to a dog! The dogs afraid of him/her. Jane used to work with me and we loved listioning to music.

Anyway I come home and Jim mops after we put Edda away in the car so I take Bindi out and hes scared to go out now hearing Edda in the car dont help, I take him in and then my dad comes. While they talk I find out Bindi now had pine soil on his butt tail and back legs, taste it and its strong so I take him to the bath for a quick washing experence he will hate.

I make the water luke warm, and think about using dish soap, then decide against it because it just needs to be washed off. I fill the tub a few inches lower a struggling Bindi into the water, The harness didnt stay on and I end up taking it off. I pour water on him leavng his head unwet from a cup and he trys to leap out I take him out and dry him with a towel, I notice his tail is very thin, I've never known cats had such thin tails. Bind is trusting as I take him into my room and take off my shirt and necklace so I can work better I clean him off the best I can and then let him out. I removed his collar and wait awhile before putting it on now he is better and I played chase the yellow feather with him and he feels better its amazing how animals can sense whiter or not the things we do are good or bad and he forgives me.

I check my email and I get a notice from the bangal breeder I've emailed and gotten a message from. I write that I want to be put on a waiting list but could still cancel, I want a small female thats already spayed, though I will look at rescues as you said. Thats about, besides Jane visiting at a bad time, the only good thing today. How was your day?
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Sounds like you had quite a day!!! I'm glad Bindi is all right and good of you to know he needed that Pine-Sol washed off -- that could make him plenty sick, I expect! I do use pine cleaner when I need to disinfect, and I add it to the soap mix I use to wash the floors (Murphy Oil Soap and water -- the soap is one of the safer ones on the market) but I make it weak, and shoo the cats out when the floors are wet. I always try to buy cruelty-free non-animal-tested products, and those which are safe for cats, too.

Sounds like Jane was helpful about the harness, and she sounds nice. Yeah, unplanned visits can be a pain, but sometimes they turn out to be not all bad, like this one.

Yes, cats' tails ARE really thin. So are cats, when they're wet! And you're right - their independent nature is much different than that of dogs, who'll basially do anything they're told. I believe cats are a lot smarter than dogs, which is why they think for themselves; but yes, with patience it is possible to get them to do things repetitively; "click and treat training" is one popular way of doing this and you may find information on that in the forums, if you're interested. There are books and articles written on the subject, too...I'm not into it at all, so I can't quote specifics, but they're out there.

Guess all's well that ends well? I hope?

My day's been good, thanks -- grooming day for everyone, followed by anti-furball treats for those who'd eat them, and catnip for all. It's in the 80'sF here today, sunny and really nice! The cats appreciate that, and so do I.

Have a much better evening! and talk to ya tomorrow I hope!
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Thank you for the pictures, Why didn't you say anything about my story about the leopard children?

Yeah today was hectic but now things are settled dad made me dinner which is nice and Bindi snuggled up by the computer he even tried not step on the keys which I thought was really sweet I looked at the bangal rescue cats, and they seem tramatized from bad expertences or too big. There was a ten month old spayed bangal I liked in my area. But she was scared of just being in a HOUSE I think a kitten from a breeder would be easier and wiser as its temperment would not have tramamatic issues from a dark past. She would grow with ours and she'd be little and so Tom wouldnt be so affected, as he would be with an older one.

We are going to wait on this bangel idea though and talk it over the next litter is sold in early July, I have to probably either study this summer or work part time at the golf course, I could maybe see if Gabe minds if I take the summer off but I figure Pca hours will be cut.. The beauty of the learning center is I choose the hours and times I want to study plus the subjects. I'm looking forward to being an Art teacher someday because I love art and I like having summer off plus the other benefits of a teacher and working with kids.
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Hey Panther!

Sorry sorry -- for some reason, this one didn't get sent to me! I had to search in the threads for it. It's very good if uh, somewhat bloodthirsty!!! and yes, it does make me feel like a leopard, both from the predator standpoint AND in terms of the danger facing me and mine from the "armed and dangerous" ones. A good theme to develop, yes? You really, really want to read Andre Norton! You would recognize a lot of the ideas as being very close to your own.

Well, I understand your feelings and your observations. BUT I STILL HOPE YOU RESCUE A BENGAL rather than buy one from someone who is farming them as a cash crop. Living beings are NOT cash crops and I get all kinds of p-o'd at people who do this. All the more so while millions of wonderful cats and kittens lose their lives annually for lack of good homes. I love all cats. So that's how I feel.
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Thank you for saying your true feelings about it, the leopard story, I'm happy

I will look more into Bangels, I did get another email from a breeder close to me, I will look and see if they are reputable, they are TICA regestered. Another thing to ask them is how close to the Asian Leopard cat are the kittens. The mother has good spotting and fur but how much of that is created and how much is real? I wouldnt want much closer then F3 or F4. I also have summer school probably this summer and so will have to talk it over with my dad. Now I think is the time to buy flea meds and train Bindi to like the outside again, he seemed like he was interested in going out, Jim didnt bring his dog today. But it was too cold out so I restrained Bindi from going out. Over 50 is a good rule.

I went to the library to get Plains of Passage tapes, nature garden and cat books, its going to be a fun time!.
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