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Anyone else like this song?

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It is a country song called "Alyssa lies" and its by a new comer(I believe) It is such a heart breaking song.
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Haven't heard it yet...
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That is the saddest song Ive ever heard. I literally cry every time I hear it. Because sometimes I think maybe that would happen to one of my nieces. They have been taken away from their mom so many times. This last time they have been away for 2 years and now they are being put back with her. I know for a fact she hasnt straightened up her act. But the judge wont listen to anything we say because things she's said about us. At least Ive straightened my life out. She hasnt.
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It's such a sad song. I about cried the first time i heard it I definitely like that the artist and lyracists are really getting the message that child abuse is unacceptable out there though. Hopefully that song will make a difference.
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The singers' name is Jason Michael Carroll...

I heard it once, but wasn't able to fully head the lyrics... what I did catch made it a truly heartbreaking song... I found it on iTunes... I can't tell if there's a full album yet, but it has been released as a single, from what I can tell...
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I'll have to look him up... it sounds like it might be a good song.
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Heres the words.....beware its a sad song.
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I've heard it a few times, but it always makes me sad
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My 16 year old Daughter says it's a sad song!!
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I've never heard the song before but the lyrics are so sad!
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It is a very sad song, but it is beautiful at the same time, and if you saw a picture of the guy singing it you wouldn't believe it. He has long hair and would look like he sings rock.

You could probably do a google search to see what he looks like.
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Wow I hadn't heard that yet but i just downloaded it and it is really sad! :-\\
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I LOVE that song! I mean, it's so sad, but it's a fact of life that things like that happen. People need to be more aware of abuse like that, & a song about it helps...every little bit helps.
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I saw him on CMT insider yesterday and he looks so young, and does look like he would sing rock.
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I like it but it made me cry the first time I listened to the words!
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It is a very sad song, and it does make you aware of child abuse.

I work at a day care, and I always listen when a child wants to tell me something. Usually they are just running off at the mouth telling me nothing. But I always listen just in case one day they tell me something I really need to hear.
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I heard it this morning and it is sooooooooooo sad!!!
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