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Pumpkin Question

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I started mixing some pumpkin in with Marley's food to control his diarrhea and he LOVES it! Does anyone know if to much pumpkin is bad for him. I always mix it in with some wet cat food, is it okay to give it to him all the time? If not how much is to much?
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I'm actually not sure and someone with more knowledge should be along with an answer, but my first instinct would be not more than a tablespoon per day and not over a prolonged time period. As I said, that's just my "instinct" so don't take it as gospel. Sharky is pretty wise about these things and I'm sure she'll be along soon.
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I don't know either but I would imagine use pumpkin as a treat instead of mixing it in the food. I'm sure you can just call up your Vet or the technician to answer that question for you. I give about 1 spoonful every other day to my two kittens as their treat and they love it.
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When our vet recommended it, he said to give one teaspoon per day, for not more than three days at a time. So I wouldn't give it every day. If you do keep giving it, the cat tends to start having digestive upset... so there is such a thing as too much.

Since the helpful ingredient in the pumpkin is fiber, you might try looking into feeding a cat food with more fiber on a regular basis. I was having to resort to the pumpkin when I was feeding supermarket food, but when I (reluctantly) switched to Nutro food, the cat became regular and hasn't needed pumpkin since.
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So I give my cats pumpkin twice a day EVERYDAY and they love it and have no bad side effects. Callie probably gets about 1/2 t daily and Hannah gets about 2 t daily. It really helps keep them moving and keeps Callie's stools softer, as she normally has harder, drier stools.

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