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Anyone tried the self-cleaning Omega box?

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I was browsing cat products and saw this:

Self Cleaning Litter box from Omega Paw for only $24! This is much less expensive than other self-cleaning boxes, so has anyone used this one? Does is work?

Are self-cleaning boxes worth it? Do cats use them?
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I dont kno about these so if anyone has any info please say
coz i might actully get 1.
They looooook verrrrrrrrrrryyyy coool and my kitty will love it
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I've never used it, and have never heard of it before now...but it does look rather nifty!

Here's a link:


I'm a creature of habit, and my litterboxes cost only about $6.00 a piece, and the poop scoopers are only about $3.00. I don't bother with liners. I just scoop the poop into a plastic sack once a day, and throw it in the outside trash. Each box gets cleaned and disinfected once a week, with fresh litter...
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I have seen those before but didn't buy it because I can't imagine having to roll the box left and right every day to get the poop out of the tray. I rather just use the scooper to do that. I don't think it would be that light to even roll if you plan to have a couple inches of litter in the box. I just use the Van Ness enclosed litter box (the ex-large) that I bought at Target for 15 bucks and I'm pretty happy with that.
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You have to roll them? I don't understand.
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hmmm... that's interesting. Yeah, it kinda looks like more trouble than its worth. No wonder its so inexpensive!
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I bought one. The novelty of the "self-cleaning" box wears off after a couple of months of rolling it back and forth. I will admit, however, that it does exactly what it says it will do. The rolling motion sifts the litter through a sifter and deposits the larger pieces or waste into the drawer which you pull out and dispose of.

The drawbacks include the size of it. It looks big, but half of the inside is the sifting mechanism and the drawer. It actually seems to give the cat less room to move around that a regular small lidded litter box.

Wet clumped litter can also clump around the sifter if your cat pees near it. Now THAT'S fun to clean/scrub off.

I actually ended up a couple of months ago taking mine apart and throwing away the sifting part and the drawer, thereby opening up the entire inside of it, and just using it like a regular box and scooping it by hand.

Anya seems to appreciate the extra space, and likes to peek out the extra "window" where the drawer used to be.
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I bought one for XMas from Petsmart(had free shipping till 12/31/06(the larger size) bigger is better! and started using a month ago
It does work as described by rolling the litter through the sifter
and into the tray and roll back the clean litter.
By the way, you must use a good clumping litter, I use
petsmart house brand unscented, Dr. Esley's blue bag, or
Arm & hammer, unscented (or mix of all 3) The downfall I see
is I have to wipe up alot more surface inside area when I clean and refill litter box.
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