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sick cat going to vet

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Teddy is about 10 and up till last week been a healthy cat. Slowed down over year or so but he was never the most active. Hes started to drink alot more, especially out of the toilet. so calling tom to get him appt for this week. just vibes its nothing to serious. for sure he'll get the senior panel work up(thyroid) and then take it from there. hes the second oldest cat now in the house. time flys he was the little 1.5 lb kitten ...."""yesterday"""
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Good luck at the vet ... make sure in addtion to thyroid the panel checks liver kidney and pancreas fuction
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just checked my other cats bloodwork(she went into seizures so instead of the regular bloodwork they gave her the senior-which is the regualr with thyroid added on) liver, kidney, pancreas are included thansk for the heads up tho
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Awwww....your precious Teddy is a senior kitty.
Time goes by to fast.
Let us know how his check-up goes.
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Sending lots of good vibes Teddy's way.
I'm glad you are taking him to the vet, it does indeed sound like she needs the bloodwork done. Keeping my finger's crossed it's nothing serious.
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Sounds like it may be either diabetes or a kidney problem - fortunately, both are very manageable. Hopefully it's nothing too serious.
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Sending many vibes for Teddy
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hoping its thyroid that i can just pop him a pill for. about kidney-besides the iv fluids and rx diet is there anything that slows it down? diabetic would be bad only cause it would mean a hospital stay to get meds under control-but if i could call them with his sugar values maybe...gues i know to much for my own good i mean age wise its one of the 3 things... thanks for your vibes and teddy says "wheres the catnip?" hopefully tuesday i get job and then while im there ill pick him up some fresh nip(i dont give it to the cats to often just cause with this many they tend to fight over it and then get grouchy when its cleaned up...sigh...RJ
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