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Sunday Woes...(Long)

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Well we were sitting here last night at our respective computers, geeking out as usual...and all of the sudden! A loud crash from the bathroom. Scared Jedi nearly to death!

We both ran to the bathroom, and low and behold, the ceiling over our tub had caved in, came crashing down into the tub and water was pouring out of the hole!

This is the ABSOLUTE worst apartment I have ever lived in. Mike and I moved in together in February, and we decided to keep his apartment because it was just a little bigger than mine (although mine was less expensive).

Since I have been here, (now only 7 months mind you...) we have had the laundry room (which is adjacent to our living room on the ground floor), flood which allowed gallons of water to seep into our apartment. 4 days of sucking up water, fans to blow the carpet dry, furniture piled into the middle of the living room and staying home to be here when the carpet cleaners came. This happened in April.

In August, our air conditioner drain which eliminates the condensation or whatever, became plugged up. We came home from work to find my workstation sitting in water and the carpet surrounding the area absolutely soaked! Another 3-4 days of furniture piled everywhere, fans, sucking up water, etc.

Now this happens last night! I can't take this place anymore! Every 2-3 months there is some sort of disaster here which completely disrupts our lives! Now we have to sit here and wait for them to show up SOMETIME today to fix this problem. And we were supposed to go to an Eagles Season Opener party today!!!

I am so sick of this place and this event upset me so much last night that I just sat down and started crying. A little extreme, maybe, but I just can't stand it here anymore. We are SO cramped up, most of my stuff is in storage because we don't have room, the rent keeps increasing, and there is ALWAYS something wrong!

I'm sorry for going on and on about this but I am so frustrated I just had to vent! I want Mike and I to get our own house SO bad so we can get out of here. We are saving like mad and we will have enough for a down payment when this lease runs out (April 2003). 7 months from now! I don't know if I can stand it here that much longer.

Thanks for listening...I know it's long and maybe rather boring...but I just had to get it out.
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Carla, you poor thing! Here I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself this Sunday morning. Apparently there has been a water main break somewhere, so I have zero water. Been this way since 6:30 this morning. So there goes plans for washing dishes, doing laundry, washing the car, showering.....you get the idea.

Yesterday, I heard some commotion outside. I ran out, and my neighbor had been attacked by her own dog! He had bitten her on both hands, not too severely, but enough to need medical attention. Meanwhile, her small girls were screaming and all upset because Mom was bloody, shaken up, and they saw the attack. Never a dull moment around here.
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Carla, there HAS to be some sort of agency that you can report your landlord to. It sounds as if they aren't doing any maintainence or upkeep on your place. Check into this - you MAY be able to break the lease AND recover damages and moving expenses. At the least, the landlord will have to pay to put you up in a habitable place, until repairs are made.

Check your Yellow Pages under "Consumer Protection".

Hang in there, girl!
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Never be ashamed or hesitant to post here. We all have the chance or have been through junk like you guys are goin through. And crying isnt awful. Usualy after a good cry you get to thinking and become moor creative in problem solving.
Most of all thank you for trusting us with sharing what is happening in your life. It is a honor when someone trusts you,

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Carla...I'm sorry to hear you are going through this!! Is there any way you could find another apartment just for 7 months until you get your new house? But I guess that wouldn't really be a good option since you would have to pay to have everything hooked up again, and go through moving again, just for 7 months. I wish I had some better advice. I would just DEMAND that they fix this or tell them you won't pay them the rent!!! Maybe that would work?

Don't feel bad for crying. Even though it doesn't solve anything, it does sometimes make us feel better...I know I've done quite a bit of it myself lately.
Hang in there, and talk to us anytime you need to!!!!
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Debby...we thought about finding another place...but it just doesn't seem worth the money and the work involved when we will be out of here next April anyway.

I guess we'll just put up with it for another 7 months...<sigh>
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Carla that just sucks! Is there a consumer reporter or help line you could call to see if there is anything you can do? The only good thing is that 7 months goes by really fast. Until then, invest in some milk crates to put all your stuff up on since it seems water is your nemesis here.
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I'm sure Deleware has state laws regarding landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities. Talk to a lawyer and get some legal advise on how you should handle this situation.
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