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New mattress

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We're looking at buying a new mattress in the next couple of months, and we want to get a good one that'll last a long time. DH wants a Sealy Posturepedic but I'm thinking about a Tempurpedic mattress.

Anyone got any suggestions?
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Yes I do. Shop long and think about it for awhile. We got our mattress not even a year ago and though I love it, I've often wondered about the one I wanted originally but couldn't get because they "didn't have it at the time" so we decided on another one since ours was in bad shape.
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We got our King Koil about 5 or 6 years ago and I'll tell ya, it still feels wonderful! I have no idea if the King Koil company even exists anymore...we got ours from a place that was going out of business. I would like to make one suggestion...and I can't stress this enough: Be sure that you DO turn your mattresses over twice a year...once head over foot, the next time side to side. I know its easy to forget when you actually did this and when you're supposed to do it again. I'm sure it would help to put it on your calendar. I don't bother with that...there is an easier way. Just do it when we change our clocks...spring forward...fall backwards! Its fool-proof and you don't have to worry about it...ever!

Uh, unless we stop doing the time change thing at some point...then we'd have to figure out another way

Good luck...happy huntin'!
Hilda >^..^<
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Personally, I want my next one to be a Tempurpedic mattress (or something similar). We have a really hard mattress (our old one expired under the warranty, and they didn't make a pillow top in a similar model- should have complained, but, ah, we were young and uniformed ) and I have scoliosis, so it was too hard for my back and hips. I put 2 regular foam mattresses on it. Still not great, but better. Added a Memory foam mattress topper- much better! Added a second recently, and I was afraid my DH would complain that it was too soft. He gets in the bed that night and asks "Did you get a new mattress?'' and I think "Oh no, he hates it" but he thought it was great! LOL!

My suggestion would be to go to a few mattress stores, lay on each of the mattresses for a little while, and see which one you like the best (that's what they're out there for ). My favorite (when we thought we would have to get a new one) was a regular mattress with a memory foam pillow top- heaven! Also check the warranty- worked out great for us, as ours pretty much fell apart after just a few years on a 10 yr. warranty. Good luck!
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I have a posturepedic because of my bad back and the fact that I can't afford a tempurpedic mattress I think if you can find a place that you can try both mattresses out it would be the best. I tested out my at a local mattress store I am so glad I did.
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We went and tested a heap of mattresses and quite liked a Tempurpedic and a Sealy Posturepedic. We hate pillow tops and hate soft mattresseses, but these were both nice and comfy.

I'm leaning towards the Tempurpedic because everyone raves about them, they're hypoallergenic (I suffer from dust mite allergies), and I'm a side sleeper, and I think it was just a bit more comfortable when lying on my side.

DH prefers the Sealy but only because the current mattress is a Sealy, and once he finds one thing he likes, he HATES changing, and won't even try another brand.
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I bought a Sealy siesta less than a year ago. The coils are closer together in the middle for back support and is a half pillow top (not as thick as a normal one) i was sleeping on a thick foam matress for a couple of years cause my mum bought me a bedroom package with the bed frame/chests etc, but matress was the only thing it didn't come with.

It is definately important to pick something that is good for you. If i had more money i would have bought a King Koil it was so beautiful!

I pushes Tristan to get a new one as well because as a bachelor he was on a single matress and old bed and both of us couldn't sleep on it. He usually likes harder surfaces and i like softer, but the Sealy siesta is sort of both, supports but feels wonderful (just need to stop using so many pillows!!)

Spend as much as you can because you will be sleeping on it every day for probably 10 years.
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I'd just like to add that if you do buy a pillow top then you won't have to worry about flipping your mattress over as I suggested. However, you should most definitely rotate it twice a year. See whoever sleeps on it will sorta shape that side of the mattress to their body shape. That's how people end up with lumpy mattresses! Just rotate it so that it can 'wear out' evenly. Of course, if you get one of those wonderful memory foam ones you probably won't have to do that at all!

Happy shopping!
Hilda >^..^<
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My husband wants the one that you can dial the ammount of air into the bed.Sorry, I can't remember what's it's called right now.
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
My husband wants the one that you can dial the ammount of air into the bed.Sorry, I can't remember what's it's called right now.

A "Sleep Numbers" bed! I forgot about those! And there's a hotel chain that has them (Raddisson, maybe?)- you could try it out for the whole night !
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I have a Simmons Beautyrest, and it is THE best mattress I have ever had in my life - it has individually wrapped coils, and is barely broken in after 5 years of sleeping on it.

Personally, I stay away from any kind of foam on a mattress because it is essentially solid gasoline - the foam (temperpedic and similar) mattresses burn up faster than regular mattresses do in a fire, and I'm a bit paranoid about burning up in my sleep, even though I quit smoking over 3 years ago.

But that's just me.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
...Personally, I stay away from any kind of foam on a mattress because it is essentially solid gasoline - the foam (temperpedic and similar) mattresses burn up faster than regular mattresses do in a fire...
Good point! Probably best not to be breathing in the outgassing all night, too.

Now's a good time to buy a mattress because most places have "discontinued fabric cover" sales (around here anyway).

We tried out a few, found one that was comfy, and it's worked out fine (that was two years ago). Guess we aren't too picky. Good luck in your search.

Cheers, from
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We have a foam one and I love it. If we could afford the Tempurpedic one we'd definitely have one. But solid foam is so comfy, especially with a memory foam topper.
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