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Pics of my babies...

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Here are some pics of my babies.

Potty trainning taken to a new level...

Snugglin' babies...

Two very big boys!

I'm still trying to find a picture of Emma, she is the princess, I think I have some pics on another disk. The big grey guy is Kingsford...yes like the charcoal, the little one with Elijah is one of the twins, Doodle, the other twin is Sunkist, and Emma I will try and find. Hope you enjoy
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That pic of your baby and baby cuddling is just PRECIOS!!! Beautiful baby and cats!!!
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those pics are precious
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Thanks a lot I will try and find the pics of the other two.
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Oh the pic of your fur baby sleeping with your sweet adorable boy is just precious!
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Thanks they are both very sweet. The picture with the big grey kitty cracks me up. My son is about 31/2 and he is recently potty trained. The big grey guy Kingsford loves to play in the toilet, so needless to say when I saw him coming out of the bathroom with the potty seat around his waste I did a big double take. I could not believe what I was seeing. Is it wrong that I thought it was so funny?

I have added some other pics...someone already said it to me this place is addictive...I'm hooked.
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Awwwwwww adorable new pics! How big is your grey kitty? He looks huge next to your tuxedo. And I love your orange kitty!
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He is a big boy, the last time he was at the vet he weighed about 26lbs. if I remember correctly. Emma is a little lanky peanut.
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The gray cat is HUGE, and the snuggles are always adorable. Oh, and I just looked at your second ones just now... your gray is huge. I love big cats.
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Awwww All your babies are just gorgeous!
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That second picture is precious.
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