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Any suggestions???

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Sometimes (not often) Dulcinea 'misses' the litter box a tiny bit. I know this is normal...so we never get upset when she does it. But I was wondering if there's something you can put UNDER the box so that the little 'misses' can be more easily cleaned? She has two little boxes (one in a cabinet and one out side) and she uses both. The small one is in the cabinet...and oddly enough she NEVER misses in there...but the large one outside she misses sometimes. Any suggestions? (Newpaper is out of the question...because she LOVES to rip up newspaper and play with it.)

Thanks in advance.

fr. gregg
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I put an old large bath towel (folded) under the litter box which leaves an edge of about 2-3 inches showing. I wash this every week when I do laundry. Mind you, we have 2 covered litter pans so the issue of an accident is non-existent.
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I put a piece of heavy plastic runner under the litter box.

That way if there are any misses, it doesn't matter, carpet doesn't get it and the plastic is very easy to clean. Should be able to find some good stuff at ACE hardware. I get the kind that have the nubbies on the bottom, keeps everything in place.
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I use an old towel under the pan in the cabinet litter box too...but she seldom misses in there. The plastic runner is probably the best idea for the outside litter box...because Dulcinea can't try and cover anything with that. If I used a towel in the outside one, I'm afraid that she'd try and cover the box.

Thanks everyone!

fr. gregg
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Would a covered box help? That way she's either in the box or she's out of it, there's no 'on the edge'...
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Have you tried a higher sided litter box? That has helped with my cat.
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Her 'free-standing' litter box IS a high sided one...but she still 'misses' occasionally...by accident of course. Snicker snicker The other litter box is INside a cabinet especially made for cats and their privacy. She uses both daily...but the one OUTside more than the one that's free-standing. I think that the plastic runner is a real good idea...and I expect that I'll try that and see how it works. The strange thing is that it's the small litter box with much lower sides that she never misses with...the other one which is spacious and large, she gets too near the edge sometimes and ends up doing some on the top of the rim or some on the floor. It's not a real problem...and it doesn't happen more than once every couple of weeks. I'm sure the runner-thing will help...at least with the clean-up.

Thanks again everyone!

fr. gregg
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We use rubbermaid totes for our litterboxes. My husband cuts a large circle in the side and it works very well, just make sure you don't make your circle too low or she'll be kicking litter out all over the place.
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