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My car is parked for the next few days

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Yep my new car is parked for the next few days till we can get the passlock by-passed times today the car would not let me crank it for minutes because of that stupid pass lock anti theft system It is so annoying. It did the same thing to me a few times during the week as well. I know that it can be by-passed because I had to do the same thing on my 91 Camaro. Sometimes I wish these newer cars did not have these systems because as I have read they can be real annoying for the car owners. Wish us luck that we can get it done either Tues. or Wed. so I can drive it again.
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That stinks...how are you getting around in the meantime?
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My husband's Blazer if I need to go anywhere.
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I'm not sure I understand. Do you not have a "key" to put into the bypass to let you start the car?

Did you call the place where you bought it and ask how to by pass the thing?
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No I have the key. From what I read alot of people are having problems with the passlock system in this car. Easiest way I could explain is like this: In newer cars there is a sensor like chip inside the ignition cylinder. Sometimes the sensor goes bad or just wants to be a pain in the rear. You can by pass this anti theft system by either cutting the passlock wire and either placing an equal value resistor in its place (I am sure there are some little details I am missing on that) or splicing the wire and installing a toggle switch. When the stitch is on the circuit is close (I.E. Pass lock anti theft enables) and when switched off the circuit is open (I.E. Pass lock anti theft disabled or bypassed).

Now I am reading that it might be the weight of my keys on my keychain maybe weighing it down. So that when the key is in the ignition the key is not lining up right with the sensor in the ignition. So I am gonna try having just that key and the remote on its own ring and see if that helps before I by pass the system.
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Dang. That sounds complicated.

OK, try the one key and see if that works. I understand the need for anti-theft arrangements today, but after all, the OWNERS are not trying to steal the darn thing.

Sorry about that. What kind of car is it so I till make sure I don't get.
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The key works but the theft system keeps coming on and causing me to wait up to 30 mins before it will go off so I can crank it. I have a few things I am gonna try first before I go the route of by passing it. One is put just the car key and the little remote thing on its own ring and see if that helps. Then I am gonna get this electronics cleaner and clean the key..wipe it off then stick into the ignition (so that it can clean the contacts) then pull it back out of the ignition wipe key back down. And just know I toke a can of compressed air and sprayed inside the ignition cylinder and see if that helps. I mean right now it will crank but taking it some where and turning it off could trigger the system again and then I will be locked out again for 20 mins.

Oh and its a 98 Malibu but from what I hear all newer models (98 and above) have some version of pass lock systems in them.
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I really don't have anything to say about this except good luck with it, I hope it gets taken care of soon.

The real reason I'm posting is to say that Ping is just gorgeous! That is a beautiful picture in your signature, just lovely! What a sweetie

Hilda >^..^<
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Thanks Hilda. That is one of my fave pictures of him as well. And now that he is done being mad at me for putting a beastie band on him a few days ago I need to work on getting a tag on that collar.
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Oh how annoying, you JUST got that car..I would be

Heres hoping you can get it fixed sooner rather than later
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