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Only in Wisconsin

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So we "worked" up at the farm for several hours ysterday (The house will be burnt down Feb 3 as the volunteer fire dept wants to practice)
Anyhow is was cool outside when we left home (about 13F)
Had on the several layers of clothes but we were burning brush piles as this section of the field can plowed this spring and parts of it planted.
Anyhow it was quite warm working close to the fires-had to shed some layers of clothes.
The temperature "warmed" up to about 20F.
Riding a 4 wheeler in those temps is still cold though. Got to drive the truck through the frozen field which is fun but you can't go very fast.
Anyhow after working outside for a cold 5 hours where do we stop for a treat???
Dairy Queen!! One would like we had enough of the cold stuff throughout the day.
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Hee hee hee - ice cream after freezing for hours! That sounds like something a Canadian would do! Did you have a blizzard?
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No I had a Moo-latte and Neil had a cone!! I should have thought of a blizard though!!
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Good for you! I'll have to make you an honourary Canadian!
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Thanks!! I really wanted a beer yesterday when I was outside but I had to wait until I got home.
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My Mom is one of those who can eat ice cream no matter how cold it is.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Thanks!! I really wanted a beer yesterday when I was outside but I had to wait until I got home.
Now THAT is truly Wisconsin speaking! I bet you wanted a good bratwurst and some cheese with that beer also!?!?! Perhaps drive the snowmobile over to the local supper club for a quick brewski?

Just teasing - I was a FIP for years (and I know you know what that means).
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Sounds like something I do all the time! It can NEVER be too cold for ice cream!
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that is too funny! i would have to get some hot chocolate after working in the cold all day
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lol not only in WI in MN too
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I had hot chocolate in the truck and had some of that while Neil was putting air in the tractor tires!!
The tavern that was next to DQ was advertising all you can eat Smelt on Wednesday nights (truly a WI tradition-they are yucky though you wouldn't see meeeating them!!!)
We used the acromyn FIB but hey FIP works too!!
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I'll join the crew too. I go to Dairy Queen in the middle of winter too.
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heck no! I can't even think about ice cream right now
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Sounds yummy!!! A Michigander such as myself can really appreciate the finer things in winter!!!
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Ive been getting ice cream and french fries from McDonalds every day this week.
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